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What Are You Watching Today?

Vivi Hyuuga

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Just finished the new episode (ep. 5) of Laid-Back Camp. This show just always makes me feel at peace and relaxed, but especially today. After taking a relaxing bath it was wonderful to watch it while drinking coffee and snuggling my hedgehogs. Ultimate relaxation. Though, I was rather jealous of the hot springs the characters went to, they looked amazing! 

I've been making an effort to get a good mixture of currently airing anime, binging older anime I've yet to see, and rewatching favorites. Currently rewatching Haikyuu, which is great! The character interaction is even better than I remember, I love it.

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Doing the 3-episode thing on Kuzu no Honkai to see if I want to add it to my "to-do" list.  Seems like just a bunch of messed-up people though.  Not looking for another psychotic love triangle (quadrilateral? pentagram?) here!  Anyone know how it turns out?  No spoilers please, just warn me if it is going to be another School Days so I can blacklist it.  :)

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16 hours ago, Yona Hime said:

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

I was prepared to not like that one, but it turned out to be decent.  I did spend a lot of the time wanting to knock some sense into both Kyoya and Erika though.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha



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10 hours ago, efaardvark said:

I was prepared to not like that one, but it turned out to be decent.  I did spend a lot of the time wanting to knock some sense into both Kyoya and Erika though.

yes OMG, but as a girl i could really relate and i think girls are really like that when they first falling for somone,

like Erika,  very naive. remaind me of me few years ago lol.

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Today its "Fate Apocrypha" that I'm watching. Slow starter, not a big fan of some of the character designs, or characters for that matter but still watching. Will see what I think when I get to Ep. 25

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On 10/02/2018 at 11:05 PM, gigalomaniaczero said:

I’m watching “Is this a Zombie?” 

Need to get round to picking up Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? again, Tomonori *ahem* Yuki is just so cute!

On 16/02/2018 at 6:26 PM, Oakmi said:

Today its "Fate Apocrypha" that I'm watching. Slow starter, not a big fan of some of the character designs, or characters for that matter but still watching. Will see what I think when I get to Ep. 25

That's on my watch list to start at somepoint, that and Fate/Grand Order: First Order, but might wait for the UK DVD release on that one!

I was going to say I'm not watching anything at the moment, as that was the case when I last started writing a post for this thread, but I current AM watching something:

Persona -Trinity Soul-

Set in a now alternate universe (as of Persona 4), the story picks up ten years on from the events that happened on Tatsumi Island (Persona 3); brothers Shin and Jun return to their family home, after being in the care of their aunt for certain number of years; whilst in their hometown they meet friends in form of Kanaru, Megumi and Takuro, and are dragged in the mysterious world of Persona!

What I originally was going to post about was the anime event I went to recently, Akibapass Festival in Germany, and Occultic;Nine, and I will do so now, in a spoiler tag below:


So I'm going to do oldest to newest, so I will be starting with:

Occultic;Nine - so Gamon Yuta is the administrator of an occultic site, as the occult is a popular theme, and hopes to cash in on its popularity, whilst his second in command is Narusawa Ryoka, who has an electricifying personality, no wait, any electricifying is from the "Poya-gun" she carries, and Yuta is often on the receiving end of Ryoka and her "Poya-gun".

So seeing a picture of Ryoka (see below), and you expect the way this series will be going is "Ryoka's assets in-your-face, all-the-time", but no, the first time they got a prominant role, was episode 3, when Yuta was speaking off screen, and yet the "camera" was on Ryoka, spinning in the foreground; I was pleasantly surprised how underplayed Ryoka's assets were.

I am looking forward to the continuation of the story, see where it goes from episode 12; two of my favourite characters for this series have to be Ryoka, and Nishizono Ririka, the doujinshi, as she's such a mystery and dark horse at the moment.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha REFLECTION - so Nanoha, Fate and Hayate are living peaceful days in Uminari City, however as well as relaxation, Nanoha, Fate and Hayate do the occasional mage training, in virtual training scapes, however with trouble looming, their peaceful days may be at an end.

So with this movie, Takamachi Nanoha is back on form (see below - even though the meme is for Movie 1st); I don't know why I feel she wasn't, it's just for some reason, my mind feels that she has been pushed aside in previous animation for Fate or Hayate.

The movie is a two-parter, so ends on a cliffhanger, which will be picked up in DESTRUCTION, and I can't wait; unlike the previous movies that were retellings of the original series and A's, this one takes place between A's and StrikerS, or may now have split into a different universe, as REFLECTION introduces characters, previously only in extra material, such as Stern, Levi, Dearche, Yuri, and Amitie and Kyrie Florian, some/all of whom(?) would probably have all lent a hand in StrikerS, if this is part of the prime universe, probably.

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel I - Presage Flower - a Holy Grail War takes place in Fuyuki City every so many years; this war is not fought by nations, but by seven masters, who each have one servant to do battle for them; only one master and servant can remain, in order for the Holy Grail to appear, and a wish to be granted.

So the original Visual Novel for Fate/Stay Night has three routes: the first route was animated in 2006, in the form of a twenty-four episode series, following the Saber route; the second route was animated in 2010, in the form of a movie, but then animated again in 2014 and 2015, as combined twenty-four episode series (or around that mark), and follows the "Rin route", actually known as the "Unlimited Blade Works" route; the third route is now in the process of being animated, and follows the "Sakura route", actually known as the "Heaven's Feel" route.

You could say with all these versions of Fate/Stay Night (even more if you count the Reproduction OVAs, Fate/Zero and maybe even Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Extra), you could say that Fate/Stay Night has been done to death, but for someone who has been holding out for Sakura to take centre stage, I say "no!", as Heaven's Feel does bring new content to the table earlier, than when you compare the Saber and Rin routes, it also has nice entryway into the Fate/Stay Night story, that you don't see in the other versions.

Persona 3: Falling Down - S.E.E.S continue their battles against Moonlight Shadows, and the mysterious individuals known as Strega; after the death of one of his comrades, Yuki Makoto has shut himself off, however will he find enough peace to return to the fight, and help his friends?

So the animated version of the Persona 3 game, split into four parts, and this is part three of four; this movie does provide some annoyance for me, in the wallowing of Yuki Makoto, in that he has a conversation with the "Mysterious Boy" about loss and friendship, where he is the positive one of the two, but then later becomes tied down by the negative words of the "Mysterious Boy"; it just made me want to scream.

Even though this movie is the animated version of the main version of Persona 3, the male route, the movie features a cameo for two characters that are only available in the female route (Portable); Hasegawa Saori and Iwasaki Rio, which is nice to see, as I liked these characters, so it's nice to see them cross over to the "prime" universe (see below for one of those cameo).

The Testament of Sister New Devil: Departures - the harem life of Basara, Mio, Zest, Yuki, Kurumi and Maria continues, that is until the harem is issued a challenge, which Basara leaves to answer.

This... was... as... close... to... hentai... without... being... hentai... I've... ever... seen... how... was... it... only... R-15...? Wow...! Well, that said, Kagaku na Yatsura with Ayana Hizuki is quite similar, but I think Departures might beat it. Not actually seen any of the stuff that preceeds this OVA, it was basically a case of this being on at the end of the event, and its "contender" not being of any interest.

Not sure what else to say on this; I might watch preceeds this at some point, as I have just found out this series has been licensed in the UK, so either in the process of being released, or will be released soon.

Seitokai Yakiundomo: Movie - following the lives of the student council members, and those around them, both inside school and outside school, which includes being caught out in the rain, trash collection duty and beach excursions.

Again not sure what to say on this one; have not seen any of the stuff that preceeds this movie, but have been meaning to, this was played as a double feature with Departures; my favourite characters based on this movie were Aria, for her sheer -nopan- audacity, Kotomi, for her obliviousness, and Mori, for her... you know what, I don't know, damn cuteness, maybe?

Apparently the anime (or some of it) is a hot mess when it comes to what has been adapted from the manga, and what episode it has been animated in; that's something putting me off from watching the rest of the series.

So images (first to last - Occultic;Nine, Nanoha x2, Persona 3, Kagaku na Yatsura, Seitokai Yakuindomo x3):






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On 19/02/2018 at 1:13 AM, Beocat said:

Watched Majestic Prince. I think it's really a comedy under all that mecha. Really enjoyed it :)

That's another series I need to get round to watching!

As for what I'm actually watching, still Persona -Trinity Soul-, however coming near to the end (again), however I might watch it again, after I've finished it; discussing with someone on another forum how you would go about "turning" this anime into a game, so the actual mechanics might require another watch, to figure it all out!

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