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[Music] New Orchestral Insprational Track

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A few people enjoyed the last track I posted, so I decided to post another.


P.S., I might do some anime soundtrack remakes/covers in the future.




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    • By Leviathan_Willow
      Since, I haven't posted any music in a while, I decided to post it all at once. Please leave a comment and give some feedback! I hope you enjoy.
      If you've scrolled this far, thank you very much.
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      Hello everyone! I'm new here... I need some help with an OST I was searching and I never found it! Love Hina Original Song File (mp3 format). Can anyone pleeeeease tell where to find it?
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      Alright, so I'm kind of stuck in a bit of Writer's Block right now, and I need some inspiration.
      If any of you want to give me some suggestions, as far as style, specific instruments, etc., it'd help me a lot.
      Here are two of my most-recent works:
      (So, you can hear my style, as of now.)
      It can be anything. You could link me to a song that you like and I'll try to follow a similar style with my next composition, or if you wanted me to remix a song in my style, that would work too. I'm just bored and I need to work on some music.
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      This is a project I've been working on. I still need to add some final effects and mix and master etc., so the audio might be a little overloading in some areas, but as far as the composition goes, it's pretty much finished. Anyways, I can't think of a title, and I thought I might as well ask you guys if you have any ideas. Once I finish it, it'll be for sale on Amazon/Itunes/etc.. If one of you comes up with a title and I use it, you can have my track for free. (I mean, if you want it. I know that's not much of a reward. lol)
      Tell me what you think.
      -Leviathan Willow
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