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AMV's & Multfandom's

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I'm not sure where to post this so I posted it here in "Chit Chat" If it needs to be removed I understand and apologize for it. I was just curious if anyone likes AMV's and Multifandom's on YouTube? I've never heard of them for a long time but then recently probably after school learned more about them. My own sister made some of her show she was into so I thought I make a thread asking and also sharing favorite AMV's and Multifandom's on here.

Just note some of them are of a mature subject matter and I advise you too keep it clean if possible for those types since we should respect the rules of the forum, thank you~

Here are two I really like so far:




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I love AMV's. I've actually been trying to figure out how to make some of my own, although I haven't quite figured it out yet ...

Here's one of my lil' baby Armin.


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This is my favourite AMV of all time, it made me cry for more than one reason and the lyrics fit perfectly with what is happening on-screen and with the characters. I love SAO and I love Kirito and Asuna, my favourite female character and my second favourite male character of all time. <3 Best love story ever and best anime ever.

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