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Anime, just for kids or all ages?


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Just like American Animation, Japanese Anime can be broken down into categories for both, with even some titles targeting even older adults. It really cannot be classified as either or in any situation, and depends upon what genre you would choose to watch. For example, a older teenager or adult wouldn't be inclined (unless they cut their teeth on it) to watch Pokemon but would opt instead for titles like "Devil is a Partimer", "Fate/Stay" or "Gurren Lagann" where an older adult would be watching titles along the lines of "Speedgrapher", "Wolf's Rain" or "Monster" (Just because I got done reading a thread that had those tiles (Less first)). 

The only thing that makes Anime so enduring is the fact that it covers a wide spectrum of age ranges and tastes. Therefore it can logically be concluded that it is for both children and adults. The idea behind Anime was to move beyond what was considered traditional animation and create a new art style using cinematography and a wider range of themes and concepts. There is truly more to Japanese Anime than just the entertainment value as well, but I digress and won't breech that topic here. However I am one of those who watch it for more than just that entertainment value. 


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As of today I'm 30, I have no genre preferences, I just want a good story, I'm male, and I've been watching anime since I was a kid, so no, I do not believe anime is for kids. There are several anime in fact that kids should not watch like Elfen Lied, Claymore, Devilman Crybaby and many others.

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What is your age group?      Adult

What is your preferred genre of anime?      Changes every year. I swing between space opera, paranormal, and romance from year to year.

Male or female?      Female - I think if you went to an anime convention you'd be surprised at how even the genders are in numbers.

Do you think anime is for kids?    Wow, what a close-ended question. I'll just give you an open ended answer anyways. Anime is a massive industry. Consider it like American Hollywood. You have movies with various ratings (G, PG, PG13, NC17, R). Obviously the G and PG movies are made either directed at a very young and sheltered population or made to be enjoyed in the company of such a population.  PG13 might be less sheltered, typically directed at teens and adults and so forth. An R rating obviously adults only. Anime is like that, except without the rating system. There are anime made for kids, made for teens, made for adults made for all. 


Ponyo to me is aimed at younger children. Princess Mononoke is aimed more at your adult and teen populations. Hentai is definitely aimed at adults. There are many anime as diverse as the stars in the sky. Someone up above said Anime is for all. I agree with that. Anime is for all and can offer every age something to enjoy. 

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53, male.. been enjoying anime basically my whole life.  Hyakujuu-Ou GoLion (known as Voltron here in the States), Kaze no Tani no NausicaÄ (aka NausicaÄ of the Valley of the Wind), Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato), and Mach GoGoGo (Speed Racer) are some of the anime titles I grew up with.  I'm also a big (book) reader as well as anime watcher and in both media I tend to like "hard" sf themes best.  Planetes and Ghost in the Shell are two of my favorites from recent years.  Then again I'm presently enjoying Ancient Magus' Bride too.  I'm a believer in the Three Episode Rule and my tastes are pretty eclectic.  My preferences may have changed over the years, but "anime" is like "books" or "movies".  A different medium is all.  The variety of stories means there's something for everyone, everywhere, everywhen.

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What is your age group?


What is your preferred genre of anime?

I don't have a preferred taste, I simply enjoy the story. 

Male or female?


Do you think anime is for kids?

Like most others who replied to this thread, I believe that saying anime as a whole is for any specific group of people is incorrect. It spans a large variety of different genres and age groups and therefore can be classified as "for everyone". 

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I'm a lowly 14 year old, female, fantasies and romances are my favorites. I think determining an age group really just depends on the anime you're watching but mostly I believe it's for everybody to enjoy. 


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for entertainment purposes

if one isn't rich they shouldn't like the opera

and if they are rich then motor sports is out hey

if they arnt fit they shouldn't be viewing phisical sporting events

so who makes the rules that anime is only for kids ~ and if so does that mean normal movies isn't for kids and how do we rate the age that we class them as "kids" or not ??

not just anime but yes there is entertainment avenues that can be age specific out there but I think you will find its more related to whats not for kids rather than "just" for kids

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