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I already made a couple threads about Television, Movies, and one part for a popular show on Netflix called " Stranger Things ". I was just curious as always since Netflix came out it's been pretty popular and a few more people are tending to get it or already have it. True, it is a bit pricey and I also heard there raising the price but honestly I think it is worth it to get Netflix. You can pretty much watch anything on there and even rent stuff from them as well. So shows from the past at least a few I noticed are on there and new one's all the time that has been in theaters then on DVD or BlueRay have popped up on there as well to watch. You can find a lot of television series, movies, and even documatnerays on there. They pretty much have it all, even foreign stuff which is pretty cool if your into that. Not forgetting Anime for anime lovers out there. Sometimes they don't always keep the same thing on there for too long since they want to make room for new stuff or more interesting things to watch on there, I've noticed. But a trick I learned if the show is about to go and you have it on your  " watch list " It can stay on there as long as you want it on your list and it wont ever go away. So I heard and noticed myself. So I was wondering does anyone have Netflix and enjoy it and what kinds of stuff you watch on it? 

I personally have a lot of things I watch on Netflix and also me and my family became closer since this is something we like to watch all together at times for " family time " Or me and my older sister " sister time ".  I don't know I just like Netflix true it is pricey but I think it's worth it to get it since you can even re watch old series, movies, and other things on there you don't really find no where else online. True, Hulu is another website where you can watch a lot of things as well including anime but I just like Netflix more is all and was wondering if others on here like it as well. 

** Here are some links below to other threads I've made on AF if your interested in including Stranger Things which I have now season 1 & 2 trailers for in case you want to see what there about.


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my girlfriend bought Netflix for us, we both really enjoy it. The American version apparently has better shows on it than the Canadian version but oh well. But we use Netflix for our tv shows and I started using it for Anime as well.

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Stranger Things is such a great show! Although sadly I haven't gotten around to watching season 2 yet since I promised my mom that I would wait until we could both watch it together ಥ_ಥ (although I'm starting to think about just cheating and watching it myself o.e ) We have a Netflix subscription but I lend my account out to one of my friends and they let me use their Hulu account in return, so I have the best of both worlds. I used prefer Hulu over Netflix, but Netflix has really stepped up their game with their original series and I now find myself watching Netflix a lot more than I do Hulu! ~

Another show on Netflix I've really enjoyed recently is Black Mirror, except the only problem with Black Mirror is that I can't binge watch it all at once since my mind is turned into mush after every episode so I need a minute to recover LOL

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