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Trying to Remember Anime


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Hey everyone, I am trying to remember this anime I watched about three or 4 years back. I believe it was a mecha anime, where the boy gained the power to summon a giant robot by meet this girl. He was very nerdy and week, and I remember in one episode he has a total break down when he comes up against another mecha or something he can't beat. The other few things I remember about the anime is;
1. He's jelaous of his best friend, (I believe the friend dies because of him but am not sure)
2. He is in love with his childhood best friend
3 He falls in love with the girl who gives him the power to summon the mecha
4. Joins a Organization dedicated to fighting an evil organization that can also control mecha's. 

5. (This one's kinda weird) I believe it was an OVA or a Filler but a male member of the Good Organization fights a redhead female of the evil organization in a cave. It cuts away from the fight and when it goes back to them it makes it seem like they just got done having sex. (Creepy I remember that part vividly! XD) 

So can anyone please help me find this Anime? 

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