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Clubs - minor cleanup and future update

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Hi everyone,

In about a month there will be an update to this platform that will affect Clubs.

Currently all content inside Clubs remain in Clubs...

The future update will show you content of Clubs based on their content type (but only if you are a member of the club).

For example, if you're a member of this club:

And if you are browsing the forums, you will see a section below the forums that shows the above club + other recently updated Forum tabs of all clubs you are a member of.

Similarly, if you are browsing the Gallery or the Blogs, you will see a section below the Gallery/Blogs page that shows recently updated Gallery/Blogs at the bottom of clubs you are a member of (though I don't anticipate there to be too many Clubs that are using the Gallery/Blogs within their Club).

I also noticed a slight issue where new clubs were being created with all the features enabled (e.g. Gallery, Blog, Videos and Topics). I will make adjustments to correct this. Clubs that weren't using any of these extra features I've cleaned up by removing the tabs - but of course if Club Owners decide to use them later you can certainly do so at anytime.

Hopefully these upcoming changes will make Clubs more active and appealing to use. ;) Feel free to take this opportunity to help spiff up your Clubs.

As always if you have any questions do let me know.

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Can anybody start a club? Or is there a requirement that must be met first. 

Also the update sounds great and thank you @Optic for making sure the current clubs are cleaned out. 

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Hi @TyCoya anyone can start a club. You can’t make one on the same topic of an existing club.

There is currently a soft limit of 3 clubs you can create and manage.

Of course you can join as many clubs as you like (and leave at anytime) but you will want to limit them to your own interests of course as the alerts could quickly become. 

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