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Little (maybe largely) known fact about me: I love Dragon Age. I've fangirled it probably more than Harry Potter. I've been active on the DA subreddit since it's conception. I've written hella fanfiction. I've shipped it all. I've read all the books. I tin-foil hat the lore every Tuesday. I'm always open to discussion. So I thought I'd share some talking points for anybody who is a fan of the series like myself. 

1- Which game is your favourite? 
2- Favourite player-character?
3- Favourite NPC, follower or otherwise?
4- Mages. What's your stance?
5- Best/funnest class to play as?
6- Ships. 
7- Did Loghain do the right thing, or did he betray Cailan?
8- Is your Warden alive, or did s/he kill the Archdemon?
9- What's the absolute hardest choice you had to make? 
10- What do you want to see in the next Dragon Age?

I'll kick it off here myself.

1- I love them all! I feel that Origins had the strongest player identity, as I was able to feel the most connected to my Warden, Cinneide, a Dalish warrior. DA2 had the best writing, IMO. The clever interactions between the characters and the events leading up to you-know-what are what make this game stand out to me. The gameplay itself wasn't as strong, but the story is what helped bridge the gap between Origins and Inquisition. Speaking of DA:I, the plot and introduction of Corypheus started strong. What's interesting here, however, was the story within the story. So to speak. (Something something Fen'Harel.) The character development is immense, and I adore that Cole was brought along to round about the events of Asunder. My only grievance is that Evangeline and Rhys were not given the same attention.

2- The Warden. Hawke is a close second, but I'm being a little biased because I feel that the character I was able to play in Origins is entirely mine. And I love the little bastard. There's so much room to flesh out a personality for the Warden. For example, mine had an originally deep-set hatred of humans, but even deeper hatred for the darkspawn after what happened with him and Tamlen. He very reluctantly joins the Grey Wardens out of nothing more than necessity, and proceeds to be a total dick to everyone he meets. Who should he meet but Morrigan, a witch with much the same disposition, despite being human herself. Of course they fall in love, and Morrigan eventually bears his child. However, he turns her down when she asks him to perform her ritual; it was the taint that tore him from his Clan and gods be damned if he'd let that evil live on in his children. So she dumps him. This is the reason my Warden decided to kill the Archdemon himself. There was nothing heroic about it. Though I do feel bad, as Morrigan seems to feel remorse for it ten years later.

3- Cole. The poor kid. I read Asunder shortly before DA:I was released, so when I met him in-game there was this strange urge to want to protect him like my own son, especially after he lost contact with Rhys and Evangeline. He's far too innocent, and the more he begins to understand the world, the more he wants to become like us. Faults and all. Bless him.


4- This series is known for its grey areas, and mages and their Circles fall into a grey area so big you'll wonder if you're in the Twilight Zone. So basically in Dragon Age there is this thing called the Fade. Without diving too deeply into the origins of that, the Fade is a realm that exists almost side-by-side with Thedas, and is home to both spirits and demons. Weird stuff happens in the Fade, and it is the realm we travel to when we dream (unless you're a Dwarf. Dwarves don't dream and can't use magic. But we're not talking about them.) A mage is a human, elf, or Qunari born with an unsevered connection to the Fade, and can open rifts to the Fade and use its power in what we call magic. Here's the catch, though. Spirits and demons can find those rifts and use them to exit the Fade. For this reason, mages are considered extremely dangerous, and are usually quarantined in things called Circles where they can study and practice under the close watch of the Templars. I'm going to take the unpopular route and state that if mages cannot even trust themselves, then they need to be kept under close watch. Sorry, Anders. It's a sad and unfortunate situation, but that's currently how it is in the DA universe.

5- Frick I love warriors. There's so many reasons to love them. I can take a beating and I can give a beating. They get the coolest armour. Nobody really hates you unless you're an elf, I guess. They are just so satisfying to play. You'll understand when you hear a dragon screech in pain when you shield block its claws at the right moment.

6- Despite my previous dismissal of mages... I'm a sucker for tragedy. Hawke/Anders all the way. Bonus points for a mage Hawke. A classic story of one lover taking things too far, and the other having to put a knife in his belly.

7- LOGHAIN DID NOTHING WRONG! Cailan was literally about to betray his own country! After reading the Stolen Throne I can sympathise hardcore with Loghain. He gave everything he had to free Ferelden from Orleisian occupation. He was bros with Maric. Then Cailan does what, now? He was getting some action from Empress Celene, that's what. What an oaf. Anyway, Loghain warned him time and time again to fall back from Ostagar and bolster their ranks, but Cailan did not listen. Everyone knew they were going to die. Due to the fact that the Wardens sided with Cailan, that is why Loghain branded them traitors, even if the message got a little convoluted. Loghain knew what the darkspawn were about, and chose the lesser of two evils by withdrawing his army before they could join Cailan's in annihilation.

8- Guess I already answered this one.

9- Here Lies the Abyss. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU. I definitely cried afterward. I'm so sorry Varric. Don't hate me. I'm a monster.


10- Strangely? I'd love to see the return of the Inquisitor in one form or another. I feel Inky's story wasn't exactly... finished? Perhaps s/he can become a mentor of sorts for the next PC. After all, DA:I was able to touch on the Warden and the Champion of Kirkwall- why not the Inquisitor next time around?

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