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Darling in the FranXX - Episode Discussion

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This is the episode discussion for Darling in the FranXX.

General discussion:


I've started this topic a little late with 4 episodes already aired but of course feel free to join the discussion at any episode! :P


Episode 3: 7/10


Zero Two continues to want Hiro as her darling... the two share some bonding time reminiscing about the "birdcage" from a spectacular view. Awwh and Hiro is still trying to think of a name for Zero Two. A rather cute moment. ;)


This episode was the group's first real deployment against the Klaxosaur. With Hiro still unable to pilot and Zero Two not being allowed to deploy with Strelizia, the others deploy down below. But the operation goes awry when a flood of Klaxosaur appear, forcing them to retreat for rescue. Unfortunately Ichigo fails to hold the barricade due to thinking about Hiro and Zero Two from earlier moments and appear to be doomed until they are saved by Strelizia.


Then it is revealed Strelizia was being piloted by both Zero Two and Mitsuru. Much to Hiro's shock, Zero Two completely overpowered Mitsuru with her piloting just like the others before her...

Well part of me makes me feel that Mitsuru deserved that for giving Hiro so much trouble earlier. :P But yes it's clear now Zero Two and Hiro were definitely made for each other as the ideal combo for Strelizia.

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Episode 3:

It's clearer now that Hiro, Gorou and Ichigo are all close. I think it's sweet that Ichigo thinks of Hiro as a brother of sorts and it's a nice change of pace from the norm. Gorou himself I think is probably best boy since he seems like a good friend to Hiro and overall a nice person in general.

It would of been nice for Zero Two to warn them about the rest of the klaxosaurs, but I'm sure she had her reasons--reasons like being able to pilot with her darling again or something--but as you were saying, Mitsuru seems to have had desire for power but is just better at concealing it then Zorome is.

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Episode 4: 8/10


Loved this episode. With Zero Two being moved back to the frontlines and with the very real possibility Hiro would never see her again, he finally confesses (aka "being the first to say the most embarrassing things to her") his feelings for her (accepting her for who she was and not being taken aback by her Klaxosaur blood/horns). 


And with that, Zero Two escapes with Hiro to jump back into Strelizia. Hiro is then finally able to pilot Strelizia, with Zero Two - without fainting! And so they then help the others when an absurdly large long Klaxosaur appears. For the first time everyone demonstrates good teamwork. :)


Will the two be a permanent combo in the team now? I certainly hope so! xD

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I have been watching this series , and have so far enjoyed it even with the sexualised theme attached to each episode

And I did enjoy where the end of episode 5 led us to

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Episode 6: 6/10


Hiro's third climatic battle....

... was pretty good. The build up from the last episode with him being quite ill  with all those nasty cells was quite tense. And Zero Two and Hiro were in quite a pinch in that battle towards the end.

The other FranXX squad was quite interesting, seeing their teamwork and how plain their units were. Clearly Ichigo and her squad need to step up their game in future battles.

Unfortunately I felt the battle became anti-climatic as soon as Strelizia was in a pinch. By then it was quite predictable, Zero Two and Hiro were clearly not going to be killed off that early in the series!!

Other than that, it was a cute moment. ;)

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