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Episode 1:

The episode begins with Hana attempting to cut her own hair but failing to obtain the look she wants--she is established to be a bit airheaded but also to have a kind and unwavering heart.


SORRY, I CAN'T HEAR YOU FROM ALL THE WAY OVER H--nah but Homare's pretty cool. I wonder why Saaya doesn't wear her glasses all the time though. :-/

We are introduced to the villains of the show who are part of a organazation called Dark Time Co. and seem to want to destroy the future. Then this rat that calls itself Harry explains that he and the baby that calls itself Hugtan are both linked to Hana's future--or something. The next day Hana's school is attacked by one of the baddies and his summoned beast and this is where she gains her ability to transform into Cure Yell. After eliminating the threat, Harry tells Hana that she has birth a Mirai Crystals, which I guess is created from the emotions of people capable of becoming Precure, he also explains that Hugtan draws power from the same Crystals.

The first episode was about as good as I expected.

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