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What Manga are you reading?


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I currently am reading FMA and Lucky Star: a la carte. FMA:B was a great anime and I am happy to finally be exploring the manga. It is very different and has a more serious aesthetic compared to Black Butler and Once Punch Man, but that's probably because it's older.


The a la carte series so far is great and I wish it would be made into an anime. 75% of my drawings are Kona-chan, my waifu and the main character of what is somewhere in the top three slots of my anime list (FMA, Lucky Star, ERASED in no order). I love how these new comics highlight the relationship between Kona-chan and Kagami, which is both a touching phone background and my favourite canon Yuri relationship. I also like the deeper exploration of Konata's Otaku-hood that is shown in this comic series, as it focuses more on her activities while involving the other members of the Lucky Star crew as well.

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So I dropped Kami Nomi. How many titles does it take for me to realize that harem just isn't my cup of tea? I should start staying away from genres that I don't particularly enjoy.

Now I'm reading a manga called Futatsu no Spica--I read a volume before while waiting from some other books to arrive from the library aftering seeing it and looking up a review and it was actually between that and a couple of other ones--but now I've restarted it so I can review it properly when I'm done.

@Kaylie Otaku That is another title I tried once, I looked up reviews for it too and found them all to be positive and for good reason. I don't know when I'll get back to it--what I plan to watch or read is usually not very consistent.

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