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Just started a piano cover youtube channel and want some ideas.


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11 hours ago, Frith said:

Never heard this song before, and to be honest at first I thought it was from D.Gray-manxD

It'd be cool if you did Lilium though, it sounds great on piano.

Yeah, I think The Wild Conductor does a version of Lilium on piano too.  I listen to his Tim Burton music from time to time :)


Personally, I'd be interested in a full piano version of "Open Your Mind" from Ah! My Goddess.  I love that song....so wholesome :) 

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You definitely need to do Shelter by Porter Robinson... Please :D

p.s. I just subbed, I'll be waiting for that Shelter Cover^_^

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Look at some really skilled pianists like Animenz if you haven't already.

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) 'You can become a hero' is an amazing OST. If you pulled that off, huge respect.

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Hmm, if I were to make some suggestions, I'd go for 9 Years, Morphogentic Sorrow or Blue Bird Lamentation, all from the Zero Escape series. The Umineko VN also has plenty of bits of music that could be done as piano covers, like Hope, Thanks for all people and Promise

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