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What It This New Format?



...I have been gone from this forums for awhile, though I never been super active on it but now...I doubt I will even be active. Where did the sections go? What this the forums are just one large cluster f*ck of new threads and a search bar for general forums. Order is nice, this chaos isn't. Why was it changed? Everything else about the forums are nice, and orderly, and now this...if there is a way to say sections once again, please tell me and I'll apologize for this. If not it's not like I've missed much as it where.

I enjoyed the sections more so, easy, far easier to navigate then this.

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The sections are right here, you just tick one of them and all the posts related to that seciton will appear.

Is that what you meant?

AF tut1.png

AF tut2.png

@Moe Forgot to mention you so you'd know this faster

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