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Recommend me a Anime to watch



Below is a list of anime I have watched and enjoyed in some manner. They are in order until you get to other. All of them are dub, and yes I've heard that sub voice acting is better and some things are changed but regardless it keeps me from getting engaged. I believe I'm a casual but I do binge watch if it gets good EX: watched all of death note in 3 days.

If you could please suggest something that is similar to my previously watched anime, or maybe something I've never thought of it would help me out greatly! Thank you!

* the numbers beside the titles are how well I think it was made but the overall order is how it made me feel as I watched it.


Top 5
1 Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood  9.9
2 Stiens Gate 9.9
3 No Game No Life 9.7
4 Death Note 9.8
5 SAO 8.9
6 Phyco Pass 8.9
7 Assassination Classroom 8.7
8 Kakeguri: Compulsive Gambler 8.8
9 Parasyte 8.8
10 Yona of the Dawn 8.8
Top 20
11 Adventure of Sinbad 8.8
12 One Punchman 8.7
13 Fairy Tail 8.5
14 Black Lagoon 8.5
15 *Attack on Titan 8.5* (in Progress)
16 Magi 8.4
17 Tokyo Ghoul 8.3
18 Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 8.8
19 Gate 8.6
20 Little Witch Academia 8.6
-Your Name 8.7
-Knights of Sidonia 8.6
-Seven Deadly Sins 8.6
-Blue Exorcist 8.6
-Fate/Stay night 8.6
-Vampire Knight 8.6
-Claymore 8.5
-Corpse Princess 8.5
-Aldnoah.Zero 8.5
-Ajin 8.5
-Darker Than Black 8.2
-Danganronpa (School of despair) 8.4
-WorlEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you bussy? Can you save me? 8.3
-The Saga of Tanya the Evil 8.4
-Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon 8.3
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Hmm....interesting....  Well, I too am a fan of dubs!  =D  I switch to subs when the English VAs are horribly picked (although it happens, it is more rare these days than it used to be).


Since you liked SAO...you could delve further into that "subgenre".  Maybe try Log Horizon (focuses on the guild aspect, not the lone wolf), Overlord (good storyline, honestly, it's a different kind of extreme), The Ambition of Oda Nobuna (this is a harem anime based off of...you guessed it!  Anyways, I enjoyed it.  Very different take.  Should have been longer.  It is full of haremy stuff.), or even dot hack//SIGN (The one that started it all). Truthfully, that type of anime is pretty rare out there. 


You have just enough space opera in there that I might think you'd enjoy Crest/Banner of the Stars. 

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