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The Tokyo Ghoul disappointment (Just a pointless little rant, dont bother)

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Hey guys,

so first: please refrain from spoilers beyond season 2 and be aware of spoilers including the end of season 2 and the description of season 3.

So Im quite new to anime and considering Tokyo Ghouls omnipresence I thought it has to be cool. And the setting is cool and the characters looked cool.....but yeah.....The start was really good. The first let down was the Shuu arc which mostly just felt unnecessary and rediculous. The rest of season 1 was okaaaaay. The episodes were over very fast which actually could speak for the anime but somehow I was unsatisfied all the time. I dont feel like I really got to know the characters Im supposed to care about. And unfortunately that includes Kaneki and Touka for a too big part. Yoshimura was cool and Koutarou was ok. Hide seemed to be important, but no he wasnt and Im fine with him getting no screentime at all because I couldnt care less about him. Unfortunately season 2 wanted me to....I think the scenes with him were okaaayy but pretty unnecessary and to build the whole ending around his deaths was like a punch in the face because I seriously couldnt give less shit about him. He had no role at all. Even Shinoharas maybedeath was more emotional and I didnt really like him for his puppetlike dead eyes. Hell even that Jason clones death would have been more emotional because I would have cheered so hard, I propably would have cried. I mean really what a shit is that character and why is screentime wasted on him?

I really liked that they got us to know Amon and Mados daughter better. I really didnt like that they tried it with the entire CCG too....Why not telling us something about that Koma guy and the woman I dont know the name off because it was mentioned like 3 times in the entire anime instead, who suddenly lead whole armies and sacrificed themselves for the maincharacters but I dont really care because I dont know them AT ALL! Or making the konversations between Yoshimura and Kaneki something big, profound and rememberable, instead of "hey btw Kaneki was hereand we talked, didnt you know? Oh now you know....". Or giving the screentime to the maincharacters, but no lets not get crazy! Actually I shouldnt call them that because Touka and Kaneki just werent maincharacters in season 2. I mean serisously what did they do? Kaneki was busy WALKING AROUND like a cool dude and Touka was...I dont know...studying and oh she was running for THREE ENTIRE FUCKING EPISODES to eventually DO NOTHING except NOT talking to Kaneki? The only thing I remember from Kaneki is "I join aogiri" and from Touka its "...BECAUSE I WAS ROYALLY PISSED OFF!". They didnt develop their relathionship, they didnt develop for themselves, just nothing happened! The only characters I cared about were nearly completely taken away in sake of a giant bunch of supernumerarys killing each other and a bunch of side characters fighting other side characters that havent even been introduced at all, in a horribly choreographed way. I really wanted to like this anime but I dont know what I could like apart from Touka and Kaneki, who I also cant really like because I just dont know them. And now that its over I feel like Im missing strangers, what doesnt make any sense...

So the ending was the same as the entire season: nothing but a stupid fight in a exaggerated scale. And because an entirely unconclusive ending like this isnt bad enough, season 3 will take place 2 fucking years later, so I guess we will then learn what all the characters that are now maybe dead or maybe not, will have been doing the past 2 years HELL YEAH and this ending will just be left as it is and all the conequences from what happend and the sorrow will be skipped. Great. Is it possible that they just gave up on what they missproduced so far too?

And the ovas....about Shuus past....why not about Yoshimuras past?

This anime left a void inside me, but not because it was so touching but because my massive dissatisfaction sucked out the little that was put inside to begin with. So excuse me I now go bash my face into a mirror and try to deal with that I wont get a cool story around Touka and Kaneki....

Pls be polite with your criticism.


Greetings eCapter

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tbh I didn't care for it either.  The hook never set in me and I dropped it about halfway through.  I had it in my viewing queue for a while & I kept meaning to get back to it to see if it went anywhere interesting, but eventually I realized I just didn't care anymore and dropped it from my queue entirely.  No hate.  I know some people liked it.  I'm just not one of them.

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