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Your favourite sleeping position


What is your favourite sleeping position?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite sleeping position?

    • On my back!
    • On my side!
    • Face down!
    • Rolling onto the floor!

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I mostly like to sleep on my back. IDK why. Probably because when I was younger I was afraid of ghosts so I slept on my back and it's become a habit of mine now. But I also love to sleep on my side. It's so comfortable.


Ghosts? Really?

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Ghosts? Really?

Yep. We still had ghost stories back in my day. And those ghost stories were true and made me shudder. On day when I was young, we had a maid who cooked food for us. She got possessed by a ghost. I still remember the look on her eyes. But now that I'm older, I know that this might be something related to science. I don't believe in ghosts.:P:P *turns around* What was that? *door shuts automatically* Help! Onee-san!!! *looks for brother, but realizes that he isn't home* HELP!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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In the fetal position aka the most common one. However, I think I alternate between positions a lot in my sleep, because I never wake up in the same position I remembered dozing off in. 

Either way, hugging a pillow/blanket is probably the best (and only way) of putting me to sleep. I have a bolster pillow just for this, and it helps a lot with not only feeling comfortable in bed, but also with chronic loneliness. Something like this...


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I used to sleep with a couple pillows, but started waking up with a stiff neck (getting older I suppose), so now I just use one. I use a weighted blanket except when it’s too hot. Seems to help me not wake up or toss & turn as much.

Temperature has a pretty significant impact for me. The colder it is, the more I curl up & burrow under the blankets. The hotter it is, the more I sprawl out.

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