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Im Simply One Hell Of A Deer?


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New here and to those that get the name reference I'm glad to hear.

Random question to any that feel inclinded to answer, do many fans of anime and gaming have many friends with similar interests.

In my experience I've always had it frowned upon and never had any resulting in isolation. Ah well , hope everyone else has better luck than me at least xD 



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Nice nod, know which series you enjoy. And yes and no to your question. While I would say 70% of my friends are into anime/games/manga/etc. the other 30% are not. Just like my money I tend to diversify. It is too bad that you couldn't find anybody to hang and talk with about your passion, but hey, you made it here and we all love to talk about it. So don't be shy, jump right on in and let your freak (anime that is) flag fly. Welcome Seb to the community. (y)

12 hours ago, Viper said:

Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy yourself here 

BTW: See that your a Necromancer, and you know they really get discriminated against. I mean, after all they just want to "Raise a family." And yes, I saw that on a meme but thought it highly appropriate here. :ph34r:

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