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Any good short 1 season anime's?


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If you like parodies, dimension hopping, and comedy, then maybe you could check out Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai.

If OAVs count, you could check out Gunsmith Cats.

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7 hours ago, SAO LILDOOP said:

Some I absolutely loved/love: Princess Principle, Another, One-Punch man (Although I think one punch man may get a season 2?).

another also got a second season , another the other ~ inga

On ‎4‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 11:51 AM, Frith said:

Angel Beats

and even tho angle beats was a one run anime ti got three ova's


there are heaps out there from all genre's and apart from the classics that almost every ones watched 

toradors , t this also received a few ova's

plastic memories

and chobits

there is a nice one episode short anime (well some don't call it an anime but a music video)

shrelter , but all should watch xD

then heres a few from my "myanimelist" from various genre's

akame ga kill

ao no 6=gou

black lagoon

break blade




dance in the vampire bund

deltora quest

ergo proxy



princess lover

quanzhi gaoshou

rkudai kshi no cvalry

rakuen tsuihou

rokka no yuusha

sakurasou no pet na kanojo


and true tears

yet there are many more that could be posted up



29 minutes ago, Part_time_anime said:

Gurren laggan trust me it’s amazing. 

gurren lagan also received two movies


and lagann-hen

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Assassination classroom- this is a very good one but there is 2 seasons.

Guilty crown - it’s fun.

No game no life - this is also very very very very good although it’s only one seasons a second season might be released. 

Kill la kill - it’s fun. Lots of action. 

Parasyte- I think thats how u spell it it’s also very good

furure diary - one of the best I have watched it’s amazing 

fate /stay night - it’s decent 

out of all of those I recommend future diary or no game no life 

i almost forgot - deadman wonder land is also very good and steins;gate is also amazing


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Charlotte, Erased, and Barakamon are all pretty good, they're completely different genres from each other though. If you like supernatural things watch Charlotte, if you like murder mysteries with a hint of supernatural watch Erased, and if you like slice of life animes watch Barakamon.  Honestly if you just google "what are some good 12 or 24 episode animes" you can read a bunch of descriptions about a bunch of different animes and pick one that looks good. :) 

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