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So I have seen more than a few "Recommend Anime" threads so I am making a thread recommending anime each anime I recommend will be from romance to hard fighting.. oh yeah reply if you have a specific criteria for a anime  so I can recommend something good!

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero - Action, OP MC

Akame Ga Kill - Action, Rebellion against government, Magic-ish

Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor - Action, Fantasy, Magic

Alderamin on the Sky - Action, Fantasy, Magic, OP MC Mentally

Alice & Zoroku - Slice of Life, Grandpa and superpowered Girl

And You Thought There Never Is a Girl Online? - Slice of Life, Gaming

A Sisters All You Need - Slice of Life, Little sister lover and writer goal to get a anime made

Assassination Classroom - OP MC, tentacles, Assassination, School

Attack on Titan - Action, Action, Apocalypses, Death, Human vs Titans(Giant Zombies)

Blood Lad - OP MC, Magic, Vampire

Brothers Conflict - Romance, Reverse Herem

Castle Town Dandelion - Magic/Superpower, Royal Family, Competition

Charlotte - Superpowered kids, 

Chuunibyou - Super Otakus meets embarrassed otakus

Citrus - Romance, Yuri, Sisters

Classroom of the Elite - Elite students Elite School Elite Problems

Code Realize - Action, Poiseness girl with man who wants to save her, Industrial revolution London

Danmachi - Action, Fantasy, Magic, OP MC sorta

Darling In The Franxx - Action, Boy meets Girl, Mech, civilization leaves surface of earth because of monster take over

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody - OP MC, Transported to another-world/game, loli herem

Death Note - Psychological thriller, brainy, OP MC Mentally

Death Parade - Uhh Can't think of a good description...

First Love Monster - Dense AF boy Meets Girl but knows it..

Free Iwatobi Swim Club Eternal Summer - Slice of Life, Swim team wants to win..

Fullmetal Alchemist - Action, alchemy, brothers, government dictatorship corrupt

Fuuka - Romance, boy meets girl, boy reconnects with childhood bf and love triangle

Gabriel DropOut - Slice of life, loli angle goes to earth and finds out about video games and becomes a snob


Handa-kun - Slice of life, boy is DENSE AF, school

Hellsing Ultimate - Vampire... Bloody

Hyouka - Mystery, problem solving, OP MC Mentally

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Fantasy, Goddessess

Interviews With Monster Girls - slice of life, monsters are real!

Is - Mech, all girls school with 1 boy

Izetta the Last Witch - action, witch interferes with the worlds wars and is stopped by Micheal the angle

Juni Taisen Zodiac War - Action, Deathmatch with superpowers

Kaze No Stigma - OP MC, Magic

Kino's Journey - Slice of life, adventure, boy or girl(never found out...) journeys the world

Kiss Him Not Me - Romance, Reverse harem

K- K-project - Superpower kings, modern times

Knight's & Magic - title says it oh Mech

K-on - Music slice of life

Log Horizon - transported to another world/game

Lord Marksman and Vanadis - Fantasy, magic, OP MC

Love Is Like a Cocktail - short 5 min Eps

Love Live School Idol Project - Slice fo life, music

Love Live Sunshine - Slice fo life, music

Lucky Stars - Slice of life, highschool otaku girl(s)

Masamune-kun's Revenge - Romance-Revenge

Mikagura School Suite - Yuri, Superpower

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - Title says it

My Little Monster - uhh Romance? I cant explane

New Game! - Slice of life, girls make a game!

No Game No Life - Transported to another world, OP MC

Noragami - god meets girl

No-rin - Slice of life, pop idol meets fan

One Punch Man - OP OP OP OP OP MC

Outbreak Company - Transported to another world, teaching anime to other worlds people

Plastic Memories - Sad Slice of life, beware

Re:creators - Action, transported to another world Reversed, anime characters becomes real

Recovery of an Mmo Junky - gamer meets gamer and like each other

Restaurant to Another World - Food if you like to watch food watch this...

Saga of Tanya the Evil - Fantasy, Magic, God, OP MC, Crazy, Reincarnation/Transported to another world, War

Seiyu's Life - Slice of life, life of a voice actor

Seraph of the End - OP MC, Vampire, Apocalypses

Seven Deadly Sins - OP OP OP OP MC, Fantasy, Magic, Kingdom Corruption

Sky Wizard Academy - OP MC, Fantasy, civilization vs monsters

Snow White With the Red Hair - Romance, prince meets girl

Sword Art Online - Fantasy, magic, OP MC, transported to another world/game, Romance

Tales of Zestiria the x - OP MC, Evil vs good, Excalibur fable basicly

The Ancient Magus Bride - Action/Slice of life, Magic, girl meets monster, Romance-ish

The Devil Is a Part Timer - Transported to another world, Devil MC, OP MC, McDonald Worker

The Disastrous Life of Saiki k - OP OP OP MC, Saikik MC, SLice of Life

The Future Diary - Crazy physiological DeathMatch 

The Irregular at Magic High School - OP MC, little sister, School, Magic, Modern

The Royal Tutor - Slice of life, title says it

The Sacred Blacksmith - Action, boy meets girl, uhhh not much else

Tokyo Ghoul - Action, boy turns bad, 

Trinity Seven - OP MC, magic, harem-ish

Ultimate Otaku Teacher - Title says it, Slice of life

Uq Holder - Immortal strong MC 

World Break - harem, action, reincarnate, magic, OP MC

Worldend - OP MC, Last of Humans, Magic

Yozakura Quartet: Hana No Uta - Superpower, action modern time

Yuri On Ice - Boy meet boy slice of life, ice skating, Romance

@B1gM0ist @Th3Law @Sawyer hicks @demonrider23 @RepentantSky @Part_time_anime

I @ you guys because you made Recommend threads...

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rather interesting list

well theres only a few in that list that I haven't seen or couldn't stand other than that I totally agree

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14 hours ago, Wodahs said:

rather interesting list

well theres only a few in that list that I haven't seen or couldn't stand other than that I totally agree

All anime I put in where ones I recommend along with you should see, to see.. If you know what I mean..

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when i say an interesting list

i basically was saying a good and diverse list of worth to check out anime

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      Hopefully I am able to do a panel for a local anime festival, Otafest.

      The panel that I want to do is Isekai, but there is so much that I don't know what to put on, so I am asking anyone to help me.

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      Senki Zesshou Symphogear

      This is one of Japan's top selling anime, with 5 seasons, over the course of the past 7 years. Season 3 was #1 in sales for its season, while season 4 was ALSO #1 in sales for its season. AND season 3 beat ONE PUNCH MAN for the ENTIRE YEAR. And it isn't popular in the absolute bloody slightest outside of Japan.
      I'm confused too, don't worry.

      But if you want one of the best hype action shows of the decade, Symphogear is for you. It does damn near everything that people love about shounen action shows, except it does them far better than most actual shounens, despite Symphogear not actually being a shounen.
      AND it's a fucking musical. Didn't see that coming, did you.
      It ain't cutesy, it lives off of the rule of cool and more or less can't go more than 5 minutes without something exploding or it dies, with music that's about as cool as that whole concept is.
      Watch this scene, and witness our beloved main character parry tank shells with her bare fists.
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      Symphogear GX (It got even prettier.)
      Symphogear AXZ (The animation got better.)
      Symphogear XV (Airing right now, and is really turning out to be a proper culmination and finale of 7 years of a franchise.)
      Now that you've been so heartily informed of the best show ever, I'd love to hear what any of you think of it. First impressions based on this thread maybe, or impressions from you going to watch it! It's my favourite show by a mile, so I assure you I'm more than willing to chat your ear off about it, and if you aren't impressed by it... well, leave it to me

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