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I’m new, I want some anime friends


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hello and welcome to the forums

it may be a little difficult to watch anime together here as we are all from different time zones and don't always have the same time free

but we often do watch the same anime just not at the same time and we do discuss it here on the forums

we are a friendly group here on the forums and I myself do consider all members to be my forum friends 

so feel free to (as long as your following the forum rules) to have fun here and make heaps of posts and get to know every one and share what you would like to

hope you have fun here with us in these forums and ill see you soon

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Hello! Hi!

I'm Agares-kun but you can call me Josh lol Welcome to the Forums btw :) I hope we can chat sometime about the things that we like lol 

If you neeeeeed recommendations or anything just let me know :)

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