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Monster Hunter World

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I was talked into getting this game by three IRL friends and some chick on TrollX, but I'm so happy I did because by all that is holy this game is so much fun. If you're somebody like me who loves boss fights, this is your messiah. It's like a more dedicated Shadow of the Colossus and the aim of the game is almost entirely to take down big targets. There are nearly twenty different weapons you can choose from in your arsenal, and they all play immensely different (I've taken to the glaives myself.) Every monster is so different and poses its own challenges, and there is no one set of armour you can take into every fight and win; you have to learn what loadout works best for each monster and prep accordingly. I love that bit.

Who else has been playing? 

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Thought I'd share this here! Helped my friend out with a hunt recently, and got a pretty neat kill screen. Daora is frustrating enough because it moves around a LOT and for two glaive-users, he's a real pain in the neck... somehow... SOMEHOW I killed him with a Nitrotoad. Here he is going 'boom,' and the beastie dropped a second later. I was pleased. :D


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Not every game is perfect... sometimes they suffer from silly pathing. So who wants to tell this big beastie he's not actually going anywhere..?



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