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Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp)

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[mal type=anime id=34798]

I started watching this and about 3 episodes in. Nadeshiko is such a silly character but really brings a smile to your face when she brings Rin out of her shell (as she usually camps alone). :)

The advice on camping is also very interesting.

Anyone else watch this anime?

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Just finished the first episode of season 2. And, oh, how I’ve missed this series’ relaxing & positive mood. I actually teared up more than once while watching 🥴 Have to admit I was concerned after the short spin-off series (Room/Heya Camp) failed to recapture the charm of the original IMO, but this first episode was a perfect “Welcome Back” hug. Part of me worries that it won’t be able to maintain this level for the duration, but it’s very much a type of show I really need at this time.


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