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Hey there! My name is Annisa, people call me Nisa-Nisa-Nisa-Nisa for short(honestly I would be offended if you didn't). Uh, this is my first time on an anime forum in a really long time, honestly it took me like 20 minutes to figure out how to post this and I'm hoping this goes in the right topic or whatever.  Just trying make some new friends which is almost impossible because for the last 20 years of my life with useless anime/manga knowledge. Looking forward to wasting all my time here :)

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了解, に佐!    :D 

Hope you enjoy your stay here, but don't waste ALL your time here.  I mean, there's all that anime to watch, right?  (And games to play, and books to read, and ....)

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hiya and welcome from me too !!!!!

I'm hoping you don't waist too much time here but just enough to have fun and enjoy our company whilst discussing all that anime knowledge you have

anyways have fun and we'll see you around

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