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Anyone have a YouTube channel?


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Now, I’m not sure if I should ask, but anyway, anyone wanna help me  reach my goal of 1k subscribers? I promise I will subscribe back if u tell me. So please help. Also my channel name is Nukemsloth 1

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I am completely in favor of backing up this support. I am on a similar quest, and we (meaning all of us here on these forums) honestly deserve it more than some out there do. *hides soapbox*

But yes, tell us your channel. Mine, which I've shilled pieces of the last few times I've been here, is Lost Silver Productions, where we showcase and talk about game shows, anime, games, and anything our geeky paws can get our mitts on. Please join us and help us out, folks. We promise we'll treat you to a good time.

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Not really too relevant, but I have a YT channel, but I only used it to upload my videos from Japan while living there to show my folks here at home.

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