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Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi strikers opinion

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Naruto shinobi strikers is an online pvp game which supports up to 8 players, it has two game modes thus far; capture the flag and team deathmatch. An offline multiplayer mode is yet to be confirmed.

This game features character creation for the first time ever in a Naruto game which makes up for the fairly small but adequate roster of 26 characters (13 confirmed so far). It has also developed and uses a new graphic style than seen in any previous Naruto games including NUNSR, what do you think of the graphics?

What are you're guys thoughts on this new game? Do you think it looks good or should Bandai Namco have just stuck with NUNSR?


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I'll say, based on what I just saw on the video. This game is pretty wicked awesome! Though the graphics are much more cartoon-y compared to that of NUNSR, I must say this game is pretty fun and is a great idea of PVP, especially for the huge fans of the franchise. Still, I expect that future updates of this game would improve the graphics and obviously add more game modes to the game that would be awesome. Like, a boss co-op against a tailed beast, that would be pretty wicked.

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