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Let's talk about Alternative History!

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So, the question is, what if something did not happen or something did happen in history. Like, that would clearly change history forever. I'd like you guys to give out your own theories from questions of alternative history from below:

1. What if Pearl Harbor wasn't attacked by the Japanese?

2. What if Hitler didn't get all angry about the bombing of Berlin?

So, those two for now. I'm excited to hear on your thoughts about this, also if you're interested in putting an idea into the thread, then you should and we should discuss on how things would go. 

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I didn’t know Berlin even got bombed during nazi Germany. I am pretty sure it was the reichtag fire. If it did i don’t think that was the reason for world war 2. 

What if hitler was not defeated and nazi took over France. I have a feeling we would be living in a different world right now or there would of been a war lasting for generations. 

What if Khrushchev (Russian leader at that time )decided to launch a nuclear missile during the Cold War. There would be no world to live in. The world would of been destroyed. 

This was infact found out recently. I only have some rough knowledge of what happensd. 

This is what happened- In a matter of seconds the world could of ended during the Cold War. This was when the USA had made the NATO pact and this pact was a alliance between Western Europe countries. So this pact went for a drill. Basically the army of the pact went for a drill so if sovients did invade they are prepared. When they went for a drill the the army was moving about in the Europe and were close  to the borders of the Eastern Europe. Khrushchev had thouht they were planning to invade. So sovients were ready to launch attack or a missile. Which could of led to missiles being launched from both side. Luckily the army made a turn before the sovients thought of it as a declaration of war. 

This was a moment where the theory of M.A.D would of been on play. The destruction on the world. Luckily I am alive to write this. 

Some of my info can be wrong so please correct me if you wish. 

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