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Favourite characters with an infectious smile?

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They can be really genki or cute!

I nominate Yayoi Takatsuki from The Idolm@ster. (she's the top right for those unfamiliar with the series) Though Miki Hoshii is my most favourite, Yayoi always had that really genki attitude! 


In a more recent series, I've found Nadeshiko Kagamihara from Yuru Camp also has that infectious smile. :)


And Nepgear from Hyperdimension Neptunia... but I won't get started on that. :P


What about you?

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One of my fav's I've seen recently is Tohru from Miss Kobiyashi's Dragon Maid... I think she's cute! along with Kanna! But I have waay too many that have cute faces and smiles.. 



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Honestly, Armin's smile gives me life. 

See the source image

I love it so much because he's always so nervous or anxious about something and his smile is actually really rare, so when he does look happy I can't help but be happy as well.
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Generally he have poker face but when he smiles it means he is going to take some one down , Well he enjoys it (you know what i mean!!!)

lolouch smile.jpeg

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could add a heap in here but today ill go with

Hikari Takanashi

See the source image

[mal type=character id=144273]


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This is totally cheating because technically this is a web comic rather than anime, but just look at Nol here


I love this goof. Still team Q-tip.

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cant be just me (probably just me, since no one else read it i think ?), but her smile and gullability always placed a smile on my face >.>


aside from her, kud always did make me go ; )-ish, 

and maybe a slight "wafu~" state-kind of feeling, could be just me tho'



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Haruho Harhuahara, mischievously lovely!


Hinata's just melts hearts. When she smiles, you have too!


And let's not forget Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade's (aka Shinobu, and the iron-blooded, hot-blooded, cold-blooded vampire ) smile.


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