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What is everyone currently watching? What are your thoughts!?


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I'm currently watching My Hero Academia and I must say it's absolutely wonderful. I love the art style, the characters are very lovable (most of them anyways ...), the story is very intriguing and I find it very emotional.

I've finished S1 already (also watched about 2 episodes of S2) and my favourites are:
Izuku Midoriya. 
He's just down right adorable and a very interesting character. Also, I can relate to him on a personal level so, let's just say, I've gotten emotional a few times while watching this show ...

Shoto Todoroki.
Honestly he hasn't done much yet but he caught my attention from the very start. His whole character design is intriguing and just visually pleasing, in my opinion. I was also just blown away by his power level, I mean, this kid's insane! (Also, stoic characters are kind of a weakness of mine, so ... oops.)

Ochako Urakaka.
I just absolutely love her. Her smile is beautiful so, yeah, she won me over pretty quick. Also, her outfit is really cute and she's such a sweet person, it was really cute seeing her befriend Izuku and turn 'Deku' into a good thing for him ... honestly, she's just so sweet.

All Might.
I love everything about his character honestly, he's just a very likable guy and he's so supportive of Izuku, it's just so cute.

Tsuyu Asui.
I just love her, okay? I mean, c'mon, she's a little frog what's not to love? (Also she's just really unique and unlike any other character.)

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Finishing the second season of Love Live! Sunshine!! I enjoyed the original Love Live! and was disappointed by the first season of Sunshine. The second season is a big improvement in my opinion, but I'm a bit bored by it now. I'm just sort of going through the last few episodes just so I can finish it and because I have nothing else to do.

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FT 2018 - yes I know, burn me at the stake :P -, goblin slayer, yagate kimi ni naru (bloom in to you), Ulysses one. 

On ‎10‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 5:09 AM, efaardvark said:

Amanchu!  Kind of a Sawako goes scuba diving thing so far.

I enjoyed watching amanchu, too bad the second season wasn't up to par with the first. 

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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime - favorite aspect at the moment are the humorous personality traits they've been giving the various monster races

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary - flawed but still liking the sisters' characters

Golden Kamuy Season 2 - still a wild ride, but hoping things get a bit more serious soon & the focus gets back on the Sugimoto and Asirpa

Zombie Land Saga - 2nd ep wasn't as funny as the first, but will hopefully remain at least somewhat funny for the entire season

Miss Vampire Who Lives in my Neighborhood & Anima Yell - my requisite CGDCT series of the season

Gegege no Kitaro & Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigations - providing the proper atmosphere for Halloween



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Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star. After watching Revolutions several months ago, I needed a serious break from the series and just recently picked it back up again. This season is turning out much better than the last (for which I am thankful).

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Most recently I've caught up on One Piece and Boku no Hero to get current. Tried watching A Certain Magical Index the first and couldn't get into it. Railgun is more interesting to me. I am looking for other series to pick up, don't really follow much of the modern anime trends as some of the synopsis throw me off.

Finished recently: Citrus, Ace of Diamond, and Major 2nd.

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