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What Did You Do In Gaming Today


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No time to play my own game unfortunately but someone sent me a link to this Matt Lowne/KSP machinima.  (Documentary? idk.) 

Hitchhiker on Lathe, an infinitely improbable find.  :D 


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On 4/5/2022 at 6:19 PM, Soramee_ said:

Minecraft is my childhood game and even thought I don’t really play it anymore it still has a big place in my heart.


On 4/6/2022 at 2:43 AM, RZ. said:

I started playing Minecraft way back when it was still in alpha when there was nothing but dirt and stone, no health/hunger bar, etc. My friend used to bring it on his USB drive and we'd play it in class in high school lol. Amazing how much the game has grown in the last decade.

I pre-date personal computers so I can't exactly say it was something I played as a child.  I don't get much time for games these days either but I've been playing MC basically since it came out.  I even built a system in 2012(?ish) shortly after the 1.0 release specifically to play it.  (I mean, I needed a new system at the time anyway but I definitely had the "recommended" specs for MC firmly in mind as I built the system.)  I've played many, many games over the years but two that I always come back to are Kerbal Space Program and Minecraft.  I still play both whenever I get the chance and I don't think I'll ever outgrow either one.

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3 hours ago, Otaking66lives said:

Mass Effect

I like this series! I'm so childish though, I laugh every time I see the title because my friend's cell auto-corrected it as Ass Effect once. xD Aye, the thicc Tali jokes never ended after that. 

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Tried a bit of minecraft today but I haven't played in so long that it took most of the allotted time just to remember just wtf I was doing last time I played!  Any game that allows you to create a save file also needs a "note to future self" feature so that when you load it up again in 6 months or a year you at least have a fighting chance.  :(

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Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Defended the Kulrut and united Aether with Gaia. Also found a clone named Beta as well. Still hoping Erend goes for Aloy (he's such a fanboy). 

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

I have beaten this awhile ago but I decided to dive in again and I forgot how much I love this game. ❤️❤️

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Finally got around to making a turtle compound at my main farm/base in minecraft.  (I have one elsewhere but it is a bit of a trip to get there.)


This one has a fountain in it.  They seem to like it.  🐢🐢🐢




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