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How many Anime Waifus do you have?

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So i love Anime! :D and i have a lot of Waifus like more than 10 xD I love them all. They are cute, hot and everything!! <3 

I have about.... i'd say between 15 and 20 waifus! I know i am sad. I should have a girlfriend.... but who needs a relationship when you have Anime and your own waifus am i right ;)xD 


So here is my waifu list from no particular order: 

1. Rias Gremory (High school dxd) 

2. Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art online) 

3. Momo belia (To love Ru) 

4. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) 

5. Isla (Plastic Memories) 

6. Sena Kashiwazaki (Haganai: Tomodachi I Don't Have Many Friends)

7. Koneko Toujou (High school dxd) 

8. megumin (Konosuba) 

9. Krista lenz (Attack on Titan) 

10. Akeno Himejima (High school dxd) 

11. Asia Argento (High school dxd) 

12. Aqua (Konosuba) 

13. Rem (Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World) 

14. Lala Satalin (To Love Ru) 

15. Haruna Sairenji (To Love Ru) 

16. touka kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul) 

17. Elizabeth Liones (The Seven deadly Sins)  

18. Elaine (The Seven deadly Sins) 

19. Misa Amane (death Note) 

20. Emilia Satella (Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World) 


I know! it's a lot right........ I apolgise if i sound weird, i'm just not ashamed at all i love Anime more than life! :D PS I'm a nerd so don't panic xD 

Now it's your turn xD How many Waifus do you have? ;) 

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I have a ton as well hubbys (even though I'm married but he deals with me having side hoes).

Fay (Cowboy Bebop)

Shikamaru  (Naruto)

Toshiro & Renji (Bleach)

Batou (Ghost In The Shell)

Hei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

I can't name the rest off the top of my head (excuse me it's 1AM and I've been putting in some major overtime and work so I'll add to the list later on) at the moment.


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13 hours ago, EnviousEnvy said:

I have a ton as well hubbys (even though I'm married but he deals with me having side hoes).

Fay (Cowboy Bebop)

Shikamaru  (Naruto)

Toshiro & Renji (Bleach)

Batou (Ghost In The Shell)

Hei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

I can't name the rest off the top of my head (excuse me it's 1AM and I've been putting in some major overtime and work so I'll add to the list later on) at the moment.


That's awesome! :) and yeah no worries at all. I have work too i just had day off that day, which is why i took my time with this post. 

12 hours ago, Sasazaki Chan said:

Umm, well I'm loyal to a fault so just one..

纏流子 (Matoi Ryuuko) ;)


That's good :) I'm loyal in real Life, it's just Anime that i'm not because i love Anime. 

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I suppose I'll cave and answer.


I don't have a waifu, simply put, however I've chosen Yukine Chris simply for the sake of having an answer when people ask this very question.

Because she is pretty cool.


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Okay, that is just mean! How about our hubbies?

Sorry, sorry, I was just joking.:D

I've got a million hubbies. And... I'll mention a few.

  1. Zen (Snow White with the Red Hair).
  2. Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul).
  3. Levi (AOT).
  4. Kirito (SAO).
  5. Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita).
  6. Lelouch (Code Geass).
  7. Light (Death Note).
  8. Luka (Betrayal Knows My Name).
  9. Gilbert (Pandora Hearts).
  10. Kaname (Vampire Knight).
  11. Zero (Vampire Knight).
  12. Kou (Ao Haru Ride).
  13. Sebastian (Black Butler).
  14. Aido (Vampire Knight).
  15. Every guy from a reverse harem anime or romance anime. Or a guy who's just plain cool (sorry, sorry. I'm really lazy!:D:D).
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In no particular order...

1: Asuna (SAO)

2: Hange (AOT)

3: Temari (Naruto) 

4: Hinata (Naruto) 

5: Rem (Re:zero)

6: Ram (Re:zero) 

7: Rena (Higurashi) 

8: Mion (Higurashi)

9: Shion (Higurashi) 

10: Mikasa (Aot) 

11: Sinon (SAO)

12: Crusch (Re:zero) 

13: Ange (Princess Principal) 

14: Riza (FMAB)

15: Maria (FMAB) 

16: Suguha (SAO) 

17: Emilia (Re:zero) 

18: Takano (Higurashi) 

(I probably have more though I cannot think of them right now). 

Husbands now... 

1: Levi (AOT) 

2: Roy (FMAB) 

3: Naruto 

4: Sasuke (Naruto)

5: Itachi (Naruto) 

6: Kakashi (Naruto) 

7: Kimimaro (Naruto)

8: Orochimaru (Naruto) 

9: Kirito (SAO)

10: Armin (AOT) 

11: Maebara (Higurashi) 

12: Envy (FMAB)

13: Wrath (FMAB) 

14: L (Death-note)

15: Light (Death-note)

16: Sebastian (Black Butler) {No, I have not seen the show, lol} 

17: Kayaba (SAO) 

18: Udah (Tokyo Ghoul) {Have not seen this show yet either} 

Well, that's it I guess, I cannot think of anymore at the moment. 

Lists were in no order but Levi is #1 Husbando and Asuna is #1 Waifu. ♥




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I'll do my wiafus and husbandos, in no particular order.

1. Mikasa Ackerman (Aot)
2. Hange Zoe (Aot)
3. Leafa/Suguha Kirigaya (Sao)
4. Sinon/Asada Shino(Sao)
5. Riza Hawkeye (Fmab)
6. Hinata Hyuga(Naruto) {I only watched a few episodes of Naruto but Hinata is such a cutie.}
7. Rem (Re:Zero) 
8. Ram (Re:Zero) {Haven't watched it yet but I love these little maids already.}
9. Misaki Mei (Another)
10. Katyusha (Girls Und Panzer)

1. Armin Arlert (Aot) 
2. Levi Ackerman (Aot)
3. Eren Jeager (Aot)
3. Erwin Smith (Aot) 
4. L (Death Note)
5. Light (Death Note)
6. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
7. Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)
8. Suzuya Juuzou (Tokyo Ghoul)
9. Ayato Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)
10. Roy Mustang (Fmab)
11. Scar (Fmab)
12. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)
13. Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler) 
14. Alois Trancy (Black Butler)
15. Akihiko Kayaba/Heathcliff (Sao)
16. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

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