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4 minutes ago, Endynyp said:

Thank you @Sam_harris_43 and @Faeding That was very helpful :)

@The History Kid That is exciting. We had a bomb scare once when I worked at Patch Barracks, I didn't know what it was and (stupidly but with no consequences) yelled at an armed MP because I couldn't get to work. *palm slaps forehead* Sometimes I just don't know what I am thinking. 

That reminds me of an old clip from the Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant where Ricky tells a story about him when he was young making a remark about there being too many firefighters at an incident and then how he felt bad for saying it without thinking. 

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18 hours ago, The History Kid said:

MPs gonna MP though. Stacking patrol cars 3 deep for a 5 mph speeder, that's the MP way.  It sounds like someone was performing work without a burn notice in the building. I wonder who doesn't work for that contractor anymore...

I'm sure they're fine! They'll just work for a different contractor and transfer to Dubai or Bahrain or somewhere. 

2 hours ago, Wedgy said:

A couple of years back I was on shift when we had a fire in our Radiology unit. Luckily our building is designed to eat fires, so they just locked down that side of the building until the F&R arrived and continued operations as usual. It was kinda bizarre having to keep working knowing there's an active fire happening on the other side of the hospital. 

You'd think they'd have to evacuate the building in order to do this:

Image result for anime about firefighter

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9 hours ago, Rainbow Gear said:

Hey, i'm new to this site, jumping in because you guys seem to have fun (i'm also a creep, apparently) :P 


A creep, huh? Then you are in the right place, :D 

6 hours ago, The History Kid said:

Okay, fine...you savages.  You pushed me to do this!


Why do I love Dad jokes so much!??!?! 

How do you get a squirrel to like you?

Image result for squirrel

Act like a nut!!!!!

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