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Leave of absence


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Well, @Optic, congratulations on scoring a new full-time job!  I too am in the market and crossing my fingers currently for a temporary to permanent one so I completely understand the stress you are under.  That said, everything will be alright so no stressing (or rather, make sure you have some time set aside to relax too).  I've got my fingers crossed for you too.  And no apologies necessary!  I don't think anyone here expects you to put your life on hold for the forum.  When you get your feet back under you again, we'll still be here.


Best wishes!  ~Beocat

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Congratulations and good luck...and make sure to imbibe plenty of caffeine...that way the jitters offset the anxiety. Kidding, but we'll be sending all our good vibes your way! 

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I just saw this. I hope it goes well, as usual. After all, we need you to work to keep the website going!


PS: Do you admit donations?

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