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Help finding name to anime

Guest Spookyburrito

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8 hours ago, Spookyburrito said:

Hopefully this is the right spot to post this.  Real new to the forum.  Looking for the title to this gif.





the power of reverse search compels me

but no, i just checked around on /a/ a bit (archived) and found an anon mentioning it, probably gonna use his reverse search website too xD

her name is Maon Sakurada, from tamayura (refer to MaL linko~)

welcome to AF forums by the by~

(also im pretty sure, we have a dedicated thread for anime question's, i think, not sure, but i think i saw one ?)

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Guest Spookyburrito

Ah really appreciate it.  Your a life saver.  My girlfriend has been asking me to find where that came from for a while but apparently your searching capabilities exceed my own :).

Another quick question.  Is there a way to edit your own post?  I didn't see one when I noticed that it didn't support the html embed. 

Thanks again.

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