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Rules and Guidelines

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nanoha-reflection-jpg.thumb.jpg.9d3b6aecc64426b1629dd8923972eee7.jpgGeneral - applies to ALL areas of Anime Forums

NO ADVERTISING your website / forum / YouTube / Discord / channel / etc. in any of the content areas. Only advertise in your profile and signature. If you have joined AF just to advertise you will immediately be flagged as a spammer and banned.

  1. Be courteous to ALL members, it's OK to disagree about differences in opinion but you must not resort to personal attacks.
  2. No linking to unlicensed downloads and streaming sites.
  3. No SPAM - no memes or pointless posts except via private Messaging and in the Forum Games section.
  4. Refrain from excessive swearing, younger visitors do visit this community.
  5. No racism, no politics, no discussion of general illicit activities.
  6. Do not harass other members via Direct Messaging and Profile Posts.
  7. No R18 content in any of areas EXCEPT in private, unlisted Clubs.
  8. Do not impersonate staff.


  1. Please try to post at least 1-2 sentences in your posts. It is difficult to respond and add discuss short posts. 
  2. Chat posts and casual posts should be moved to the Messaging feature or in the Random section in the Forums.


  1. Blogs and posts should be related to anime, Japanese culture, your personal hobbies or your personal life.
  2. Blogs are public. Please do not divulge personal information.


  1. There is a set limit of 2 clubs you can create and manage.
  2. Open/Public Club content may be featured on the front page from time to time, be mindful of this.


  1. If you are uploading fan art / images that someone else has made you MUST provide a link to the source and name the creator. The creator reserves the right to request it be taken down if permission wasn't granted.

If you are feeling threatened, being attacked or find content that is inappropriate at Anime Forums:

  1. Report it. There is a report link below each content item.
  2. A staff member will respond to your report ASAP. Do not respond directly to the content or member as it may compound the problem.

Account Deletion Policy

  1. Anime Forums is a public community. If you have had major discussions in forum topics, removing your posts can signifcantly affect the flow of the discussion as you may have been quoted.
  2. If you've been a member for sometime, and have made significant contributions to the community - your account will not be deleted. It will be anonymized.
  3. After an account is deleted or anaonymized by staff, we won't be able to restore it. Please think carefully before making this request.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask a member of AF staff.

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