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Free!: Dive to the Future


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What are your thoughts on the third season of Free!? And what do you think about Haruka, Makoto, Rin and the Iwatobi Club being separated?

I would highly recommend anyone who's going to watch the third season to watch High Speed!: Free! Starting Days (Movie) before. So you won't get confused with the characters popping up in season 3 and wonder who the hell they are. 



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1 minute ago, alupacard said:

Ahhhhh I am so excited to watch Season 3!! I'll take your advice and watch High Speed first tho :) 


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So I watched the whole thing and I didnt love it because they seemed to be trying to juggle so many storylines at once but it was still good. I had watched starting days before hand and so the characters made sense and it was neat to see them grown up but the ending was abrupt and kinda cliffhangery which wasn't my favorite thing. Also I would have liked seeing Rin as well as Rei and Nagisa before but I may just be nitpicky.

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I think it was a challenge to make so many characters fit into the series. Arguably not the best season. Yet I liked the fact that they introduced some new characters.

They will be most likely the center of attention in the second part of the season that is going to be published in 2020. 


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