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13 hours ago, SIlverFoxtail said:

Hello, what anime/manga should I make a doujin of? I'm new here.

i feel only you can answer that~, i mean what type of anime/manga did you like the best ? that you would make a doujinshi of ? (could be recent anime's, or a character that captivated you, etc,)

though to answer the thread's question;

safe bets that many artists make doujinshi's of are; Fate/stay (series, this includes FGO) or Kancolle, atleast, i see allot of doujinshi's on those two from a site i browse;

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Kinda what was stated already, anything that you enjoy or find interesting in never a bad idea.

That said, I think some of the most entertaining doujin I've read have been Gintama ones. Lots of creative freedom with Gintama from what I've seen.

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4 hours ago, Kohloo said:

Don't mind my ignorance here, but I'm not entirely knowledgable in a lot of things, what is a doujin?

Dōjinshi (同人誌, often transliterated doujinshi) is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels. Dōjinshi are often the work of amateurs, though some professional artists participate as a way to publish material outside the regular industry.

though in laymans term's, its pretty much a work from someone who isn't in a company, a one-man-project (though it doesn't have to be a one-man, aslong as you're not in a huge group, then it should still be considered as such)

usually people who make doujinshi, create R18 content, since those get most read, sometimes regular manga's, and the such, they tend to be sold in anime convention, i-i think, i never went to a convention to know these >.< 

(oh and copy paste from wiki and stuff, but below was pretty much what it meant in laymans terms)

soooo TLDR; its manga ^_^

6 hours ago, Optic said:

Hi @SIlverFoxtail, you're not supposed to advertise your channel in the forum topic discussions, only in your Profile/Signature.

yea, i think this is fair play @Optic-senpai, since it wasn't just a random post about advertisement on the said topic, just someone asking on the topic and the such ^_^,

i was semi interested in what kind of art he does too, though

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