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King Khufu

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How is the world today? I'm the great pyramid builder them-self. KING KHUFU

Some may know of me through the other xenforo-forums (thecoli, somalispot, e.t.c.) 

Now I am here to share my interest and love of anime. I might post my own artwork soon too if need be. 

Very nice forum by the way. Asante for allowing me to join the community. 

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ah thy majesty has finally arrived in the presence of thee, i am truly honored to be bestowed upon and allowed the curtsy of finally speaking to thee, and of joining our rank's, that is of the Animeforums

i lowkey, had 90% auto correct on those words, >_>

but yea, ignoring my wierd speakings, welcome to AF-forums~ 

if you post artwork's, be sure to update saying so in status update, so i can be bestowed upon thy grace's artwork~!

couse i mean, i-i dont check gallery as often as i do >.<, i-its not like im interested in see'ing the artworks on it, or anything..~!

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