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what are your anime unpopular opinions?


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2 minutes ago, thetacogod57 said:

i thought of giving attack on titan a chance honestly 


but then i ended up watching anime i was more interested in 

I honestly think the hype from attack on titan is mostly that just hype more then anything else. I say this because I only had to watch 3 episodes before turning it off after some kept pushing the hype for me to watch it for almost a month. In my opinion the manga isn't much better having attempted that as well. I do think there are some people that like the series which is fine. Its out there its an anime so some will be attracted to it. I just think it leaves way to much to be desired.

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SAO is the worst anime to get popular this century

FMA original is better than Brotherhood because the Disney style ending ruins the atmosphere of the show and betrays some of the characters arcs

Ufotable is the main that characters are becoming less and less human

Re:Zero is the second worst anime to become popular this century

Subs completely suck now because the refusal to allow people to do different voices, which have been the same since Gigantor  

Attack On Titan Season 3 ruined the show entirely due to it's bad pacing that made it hard to watch

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On 9/10/2018 at 12:05 PM, Wedgy said:

High-pitched, baby-like, and constantly out of breath female voices need to stop being a thing. Nobody talks like that.

I don't have many unpopular opinions but this one. Seriously when I hear this voice in any anime it instantly makes me dislike it, some of them are honestly hard to listen to. It would interest me to know how many people actually like it because I absolutely can not stand it.

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4 hours ago, ArchieKun said:

Ghost Stories is a good series. Its a bit of a lesser known series though it is still good, but has a stigma of being terrible.

And there is the English dub - I think the original abridged <.< But yes, it isn't that bad of an anime as some think.


Burikkos, the way they talk and behave in anime, is just annoying and needs to stop.

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15 minutes ago, leinwandname said:

And there is the English dub - I think the original abridged <.< But yes, it isn't that bad of an anime as some think.


Burikkos, the way they talk and behave in anime, is just annoying and needs to stop.

The original is a fairly decent anime honestly though ya a couple friends of mine say the dub for Ghost Stories is as good as a abridged series. Though thats not entirely a bad thing since abridged series most of the time are hilarious. The fact that most think of the dub as that type of series honestly helps the viewing of the series.

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Honestly though, I don`t know that many scary/horror anime (I think we should draw a line between scary anime that try to...well scare you... and true horror anime. I think Ghost Story is more the first one) so I con`t exactly say if it is a good anime of this genre. I found it decently enjoyable, something I might rewatch with a friend in one night.

I agree that the an abridged series can boosts an anime`s popularity, --that`s a really good and often overlooked point you make there!-- as some people might think "I wonder whats the original like" or "Woah, does this logical error that they point out really exist in the original" (YGOTAS does this hilariously well) or "Man, haven`t watched it in years, let`s rewatch it". I had this happening to me when I watched YGOTAS since I only had fond childhood memories of it and didn`t look at it so critically, and then coming back I still liked it but it was also really funny - entertaining in general! In fact, I kind of got into YGO in general because of it and even returned to the card game for some while <.<(boosting the sales of the cards) Win-Wind for the abridged maker and the original creator

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Naruto is a meh show tainted by the worst fanbase known to man.

SAO's first season was great until they killed everything with the harem BS.

Keijo is complete garbage.

Powerpuff Girls Z is a 10/10.

Durarara is a 10/10.

Bunny Girl Senpai is 7/10 but nothing more.

Dub vs sub is fucking stupid. Watch however the hell you want to watch.

Koutarou Tatsumi is best girl.

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my unpolular opinions 

attack on titan sucks 

goblin slayer is just ok not great

thats it no offense to attack on titan fans i just think it gets really dumb after season 1 

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I didn't really think FMA:B was that amazing, especially since it was so hyped up before I watched it and then just didn't live up to my expectations.

Alphonse Elric was a much more interesting and lovable character than Edward Elric.

Naruto was definitely not for me seeing as I quit watching it after only 3-4 episodes due to my annoyance with the writing.

(This may not be a very unpopular opinion normally but it seems like it is on this forum ...) I actually love SNK and think that almost all of the characters are very interesting and relatable in their own ways. I also think the story is pretty intriguing and although it hasn't shown much yet (still haven't watched S3 so maybe it shows a bit more, I don't know) it's more of a mystery/thriller show (in my opinion) than just a straight up horror show.

Armin Arlert is an extremely underrated character.

Mikasa Ackerman is an extremely overrated character.

***Some SAO spoilers bellow***

SAO lost all of its charm (for me) after the harem aspect of it was introduced and every female character in the show just seemed to fall head-over-heels in love with Kirito after mere moments of knowing him. 

The whole Suguha x Kirito arc was extremely unnecessary and irritating. It seemed like just another way for the creators to say that Kirito is perfect and no one can resist him, not even his own family members, because he's just that perfect ... ick.


Over used chibi or chibi in a serious anime and/or scene is strange and takes me out of the moment so quick. 

I also agree with @Wedgy and think that the baby-like voices for female characters are extremely irritating.

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15 hours ago, cose1321 said:

that Naruto is better than DBZ. naruto sets a limit to what the characters can do but in DBZ they have no limit. i like them both but prefer naruto. please don`t kill me.

I mean its your opinion, though without DBZ there might have never been Naruto, since animes like DBZ, yu yu hakusho, and older shounen animes set up the stage for super over powerful beings.  A a lot of the newer shounen animes are inspired by shows like DBZ. Then again the characters in Naruto are younger and act a lot more like kids, which can be annoying to older people who don't like annoying kids.  Also limiting characters powers is really nothing new, jojo's bizarre adventure already did that way back in the 80s mangas. Their stands for the most part only have 1 power, and they have to think of ways to out smart their opponents. 

Though when I read the reviews for dragon ball z years ago, the Japanese reviews, said dragon ball was better then dragon ball z. Since dragon ball has a better story, and isn't full of super powered fights all the time, and the characters all have a better story. 

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