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thought's on <loli> tag in VN with R18 content ?


Thought's on Loli with R18 content ?  

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  1. 1. would you read a VN, that's more of an eroge, than a VN, with loli characters in it

    • ofcourse~ its all "fictional" no loli really engaged in such acts~
    • no, i would never read those, those are for degenerates with messed up fantasies
    • ..."calls the fbi"

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sooo, pretty much question of the thread is in title; what is the VN-club member's thoughts on <loli> tag in VN's that contain erotic scene's ?

i ask this couse, well, i recently found a VN (which is the image i posted), but it may, or may not contain some explicit scenes, and the characters, may, or may not be a loli

as for me, well, call me a pedophile/degenerate, but i dont mind loli character's in such category <.>

though, i prefer patting their heads more, than doing weird lewd things to them, cause patting head>lewding loli's, for me atleast

but what about you, VN-club member's ?!, what are your thoughts ?!, do you find people like me who dont find such act's and read such VN's, a degenerate ?!, or do you also read such VN's, but skip on anything lewd-related to them !?, im semi-interested on the club's PoV on this ;o

it is, after all, like incest~, only the fbi is probably tracking me right now...if any one ask's, i was never here


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