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Club forum topics now on front page again (except PInned topics)


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Hi everyone,

Club topics are now being shown on the front page again to try and boost your clubs.

It was temporarily disabled because every clubs' pinned topics were showing on the front page. 

Two changes since reactivation:

  1. The sidebar filter for Club forums has been hidden on the front page, the block was too high due to the number of clubs.
  2. If your Club topic is a pinned topic, it won't appear on the front page - this is to avoid it clashing with the main pinned topics, such as our Forum Rules & Guidelines. But of course your topic will still be pinned when inside your Club forum tab. I believe this is the best compromise for now. If you really want front page exposure, try to avoid pinning it.

As before, if your Club has a Gallery, the album and recent image uploads will appear when viewing the main Gallery home page.

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