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I got my new gfx card installed and yes, it actually works!  It was an "open box" + low(ish) price thing so there was some question there.  🙏 

However, since it passed the "smoke test" I thought I'd take a minute to revisit some of the shaders & textures that I've got installed in my minecraft client.  I dug out a screenshot taken while trying the SEUS PTGI "raytracing" shader that I had marginal results with before on my old card and duplicated the scene on the new one.  The old card (RX 480 "POLARIS10") gave me a questionable 21FPS.  That's low enough that things like multi-mob combat would be difficult and really isn't good for much more than wandering around taking screenshots.  The new card (RX 6600XT "DIMGREY_CAVEFISH") gives a more playable 48FPS.  SEUS PTGI is a "ray tracing" shader and this card is not exactly a high-end beast so that's something of an unrealistic test but I'm pleased with the results nevertheless.

Using my usual Sildur's shaders I get just over 100FPS with vsync off.  With Sildurs and vsync on the game play is noticeably smoother than on the old card even in zombie hack-a-thons.  I also get Iris's GPU usage indicator hovering around 90%, whereas with the old card it was always maxed out.  The 100fps that I get with Sildur's is very close to what I get with just Iris too.  i.e. no shaders.  Of course in the no-shader case the GPU usage is down around 20%, but it is another indication that my GPU is keeping up with the game even with shaders active.  Might even be an indication that it is time to start thinking about a CPU upgrade?  🤔  (Already thinking along those lines for other reasons besides minecraft but I'm trying to hold off until AM5 socket and DDR5 memory goes mainstream so I can upgrade my whole system.)

Anyway, I don't have time today to do a more in-depth investigation but the ballpark estimate is that the new card is maybe a bit more than twice as fast as the old one in terms of minecraft frame rates.  It is also noticeably faster in some other respects such as initializing the game.  I'll have to experiment a bit more  to see if I can get to the point that minecraft is playable using the more resource-demanding packs like SEUS and high-resolution textures.  I'm actually fairly happy with these initial results.  I may have to back off on some of the settings to make it playable even in the more demanding game situations but if I can manage to do that it would be pretty cool.






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Saw this while wandering around in the Nether.  Something trying to tell me something?


Also, new card + shaders makes the nether look really cool.  (IMHO, YMMV, etc.)  Remember when we only had the nether wastes before the nether upgrade?  The new stuff sure makes the nether a lot more interesting.


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