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My Hero Academia: Two Heros Movie


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So just peeped the MHA: Two Heros' Movie and was thrilled to no end that it was released in Theaters on a HUGE freaking screen. Only complaint...DON'T HAVE ANY because it was anime awesomeness. Ain't going to spoil it any (just because I'm cool that way) but curious as to who has seen it and what their overall impression of it was. 


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I'm going to see it tonight. It's the subtitled version &  a weeknight, so I don't know how many other people will be there, but really looking forward to it. Will update afterwards.

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My impressions:

Afraid I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed. The movie wasn't bad per se, but really didn't do anything that the tv series hasn't already done better

Was kinda entertaining to see a younger All Might working with a partner, but was disappointed we didn't his see his mentor/predecessor or him interacting with younger versions of characters like Aizawa, Endeavor or Grand Torino.

Bakugo & Mineta offered up some laughs by being true-to-form & most of Class 1-A made appearances, but a lot just as background characters. I was surprised they didn't do more with Tsuyu since she's something of a fanfavorite. The new girl, Melissa is nice & cute (especially with her glasses on ), but can't compete with Uraraka.

Probably my biggest disappointment was the quality of the animation, which is where you would normally expect a big screen version to shine. There were several scenes where the characters faces are drawn in an overly simplistic style, making them look more like sketches than finished artwork, and not in a way where it feels like it was to set a tone.  Of course there's a big freak'n CGI monstrosity for the final batlle, but I've already stated elsewhere I don't equate CGI with instant epicness.

In closing, if you've never watched My Hero Academia, I can't really recommend the movie as your first exposure as it really didn't bring out the series best qualities. If you're already a fan (like myself) , there's enough here to keep you mildly entertained, but don't expect anything comparable to All Might vs All-for-One or for that matter Deku/Todoroki/Iieda vs Stain.


on a side note: was this scene actually  in the movie? I sat all the way through the end credits, but never saw it


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My apologies on the image, upon further investigation, it appears to be a particularly well done piece of fan art by someone trying to ship Bakugo & Uraraka. I'd actually seen several other similar images of them in their formal attire promoting the movie so I thought it was legit. And actually I think it would have been a good montage to play at the end. Of course it would have to take place after everyone had a chance to clean things up, but it would have been an opportunity to give the side characters some more screen time & in a setting that the tv series actually hasn't explored (a formal dance);

Once again, I'm not telling anyone who's a fan to not see the movie, I'm just saying don't expect to be blown away or anything (a lot of my own disappointment is probably a result of being over-hyped for it).

Likewise, if you'd never seen the series before & are thinking of passing on it because the movie didn't seem that great, the series is much, MUCH better.

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