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Familiar Spirit of the Demon Lord [Doujin Otome/ドージンオトメ]


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THIS IS A R18 GAME, and somewhat focused on it?, but the story is actually kinda good (and not focused on the R18 content, so im posting it for the story

BUT ITS R18, you have been forwarned

* Synopsis
Today is the 2400th birthday of the prince of the demon's realm (you).
You make a lot of effort in a demon summoning ritual in order to have 
your own familiar spirit, but a human girl is summoned instead of a demon...!?

Even though you are the expected next demon lord, people may underestimate 
your magic ability... You have to prove your ability by making the human girl into a demon!

source: DLsite(EN), DoujinOtome store (cant link due to R18 content, google at your own risk,)


so i tried this, and its not exactly a VN, but it had the vibes of a VN, thus i feel its fair play, its a RPGMV game, so just heads up, you can either do, as the game is made of (which is charming her, making her into a "demon" of sorts, [which means you do lewd stuff to her] or dont at all, what really caught me in was the "disgaea vibe" i kept getting while playing this, but just heads up, it contains nothing that disgaea containsit is not a SRPG of any sorts, more of a "management" type, but all the characters, felt like it was made out of honor of disgaea 1, (e.g demon lord felt like "laharl", main heroine felt like a "flonne" with a mixture of "etna" (more of flonnes characteristics though), and my favorite character of all, the skeletons, they are clearly the prinny's >.>


aside from that, the game actually somewhat kept changing, your first playthough gets you "i didn't expect this kind of gameplay", and on your second playthrough, you will most likely get the true ending, atleast for me, i got the bad end, due to how i prioritized "other" matters if you know what im saying ^_^

overall, i give this game a disgaea/10, prinny approved



edit: right, forgot to mention the story, its vanilla-tier, and pretty much centered in you, the demon prince, demonizing the summoned human, before satan, aka your papi-chulo, comes home and see's that your a failure,

problem is, theres a twist in it, that i wont be mentioning ^_^, roughly takes around an hour to finish the game, so id say give it a try if you want ;o

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