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Yahallo! I’m new to AF and (being new and all) was looking for a club when I found the light novel club and just had to join. I’m creating this topic so this club can be less dead-ified! 

Anyways I started watching anime a couple months ago, did the whole otaku transformation thing and then found light novels and was like Ooooooooh- must get! And ever since I’ve loved reading light novels more so than reading manga and better than some anime shows.

Now, I have sadly yet to finish a series, but I am a hardcore reader and can finish a 300 page book in like 3-4 hours (if I have the time). But more recently I’ve found that if I split up my book reading marathons, I get more out of them and like them more! So I’ve been reading smaller portions of books (like for instance, 1 No Game No Life chapter or ~ 1/5 of the book) whenever I have the chance. 

So that’s all from me (for now), maybe I can help liven up this club? I know with 3 members (probably 2, it’s been a while since one member logged on) it probably won’t get very exciting, but I’m gonna try my best!E2C70C6D-5AD6-48DF-A07C-52C28DF1E7C7.jpeg.f55e3969451d474f982e47ddc51e661f.jpeg

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I created this club out of a whim without taking into consideration that we already have a Manga section on the Forum which was also used for Light Novel.

Now you ask where the problem lies of having an (unofficial) section, right? None, well none I know about. However, I believe it would be unreasonable to separate both - section and club from each other especially if they are going to contain the same content. I would appreciate if an admin could link this club to the Manga section of the Forum. I think that Clubs are in general a great way to encourage people to fully indulge them self into their favorite hobbies, whereas forum sections seem a bit unappealing. Though that is my personal opinion.

Anyways. Welcome to AF @rd7 or precisely to this club, I will take you up on that offer and promote you to a leader so you can "liven up" the club. Due to my current inactivity I am unable to take care of it. Feel free to ask around if you have any questions, i'm sure your fellow members will gladly help you out.

Aside of the formalities - What is your favorite light novel so far? Which genre are you interested in? Ever read Hyouka? Or even Violet Evergarden?

I am reading as of now the light novel Mushoku Tensei and planning on reading Goblin Slayer which has gotten it's anime adaptation.

Unfortunately, I need to go now, see you later and happy reading.

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Firstly, thank you @Muco for making me leader! I will try my best!

Right now I’m in the middle of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (Vol 2). It’s pretty good, it totally reminds me of more of an anime script than an actual novel 😂. I’m definitely looking forward to watching the anime. 

Previous things I’ve read:

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I now Wander the Dungeon (Vol 1)- this was amazing, quirky and hilarious; one of my favorites I’ve read.

Spice and Wolf (up to Vol 5)- the first volume was amazing, and the rest (from what I’ve read) were kind of just mediocre. Nothing really compelled me to keep reading them. I feel that Vol 2 completely changed the personalities of the characters. (And the author did state in the afterword that she didn’t remember the personalities of them from the first book)

No Game No Life (Vol 1) - this was great, I’m definitely gonna come back to this- it just felt like a recap of the anime (cause it was lol)

I tried starting Oregairu, but I don’t quite know how to read them. For one of my favorite anime series (which I’ve seen multiple times), it just doesn’t feel right to read it instead of watching it though. I’m gonna have to read it eventually though.

I’ve read a couple of other things, but they didn’t stick with me and weren’t important enough to list. 

And I’ve heard great things about Hyouka, and I know the anime is supposed to be amazing (I love KyoAni). I’ll make sure to look into it! Thanks a lot!

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