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~Your steam library list~


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so firstly, praise gabe for giving us steam, which gives us tons of discounts, and tons of bankruptcy on our wallets, and also, X-mas sale soon guys~ cant wait to starve irl couse i bought games that are discounted allot, and i probably wont be eating in a month

so yea, getting back on the main topic of the thread,

what are the game's you've bought and are your most favorite-ish ?, what genre's do you usually strike for (survival, RPG, horror, etc), is it majorly on the multiplayer-ish, co-op-ish, or single-life player-ish type of games ?!

and if you could recommend a game on your list, what would it be ?! (try to post a image of your steam library xD)

mines this 


i usually go for multiplayer-ish type of games, as i find it more fun to play games with another person, than playing single player games (though, thats not to say that, single player games are bad, its just i have more fun on multiplayer/co-op games, or atleast messing with another person, and or teaming up with them xD)


as for genre, im fine with any genre, though i may, or may suck at strategy-type of games (i.e shogun, like jesus i wanna play it, but my troops die, and i feel bwakadesu at it >.>)


as for a game id recommend on my list...id go with 100% orange juice, or stardew valley, both are not as grindy as other games, and 100% orange juice is, a fun board game to play with others (atleast, i had allot of fun playing with 3 people xD, tot's recommend it~)

as for stardew valley...its stardew valley, nuff' said >.>, its a pretty fun game overall for multiplayer-ish, single is good too, as im having lots of fun playing it alone, in my spare time (which isn't frequent tbh)


but what about you !?, what is your steam library like ?, which game do you recommend on your steam library ?, multiplayer or single player ? lets have a fun discussion below~


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  • XII360 changed the title to ~Your steam library list~

Couldn't get it on any less than two screenshots. xP  I typically only go for VNs nowadays, and almost always play offline so that playtime/last played is not current at all (most of the reason I play offline is actually the steam client chat being terrible than actually caring what my status is.  The web version of chat is way better imo).  Anything listed under Fun Games or VNs to Replay I would highly recommend.


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I seldom play PC, not like I use to and I started using my steam about a year ago. Lol.


I would recommend: Life Is Strange

I just loved that game with all my heart. It's a choice-based game.

But what set this apart from others is the sadness and problems teens deal with.

There's just so much to it and the story itself is amazing. Also, need to solve a few mysteries.

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Here is what I have in my library. Most VNs and turned based RPGs, as they are easiest for me to play, though the highlight one had troublesome things for one handed players.

Recommendations I would make are Narcissu, Planetarian, or Clannad, if you want VNs, and Trails in the Sky or DQ 11 if you like RPGs.

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16 minutes ago, Wedgy said:

I've seen that game recommended by so many people to me and I don't know why I haven't tried it yet. 

It just depends if it's along your line of taste in games. Life Is Strange 1 & Before The Storm is wonderful. Then they have a side story called: Captain Spirit; which was okay, but the storyline was good. Recently Life Is Strange 2 was released in September and I do admit I have been having trouble wanting to play it. I so used to Max and her story, that I just found it a tad difficult to accept a new character and storyline. But from the bit, I played it was still awesome to play. 

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