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Building working Macross fighters in Kerbal Space Program


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So there's this guy, "Colonel Cbplayer", who's built actual working mecha fighters based on the Macross franchise using my fav game, Kerbal Space Program.  When I say "working" I mean everything, including flying, fighting, and transforming.  (Sometimes all at once!)  He's even got a video on his youtube channel of the YF19 and YF21 fighting.  Pretty insane, especially considering that the base game doesn't have weapons, or even real hinges.

I'd love to try this myself, but with the old GPU and FX processor in my system I'd be lucky if I got single-digit frame rates.  :D Not that I have the time for it anyway I guess.

This post instigated by a recent Kotaku article...


His youtube channel is here:


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