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Presenting the 99 trillion 6 Paths of Pain!

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1 hour ago, Greeneyes said:

In saitamas final battle at the end the enemy I forgot his name said and Samaritan basically agreed "this wasn't close, was not even a fight." so if he moved several hundred times the speed of light which is 670,616,629 mph so (several hundred x speed of light = 335308314500)  if that was not even a fight than multiply it a few times 4 maybe ish so and thats prob not enough which is aprox 1,000,000,000,000 mph so 1 trillion mph god vs 99 trillion pains that in a fight are basically still to him if they used kamui which takes a solid second to work I think it would be overwhelmingly saitama is winner 

All this means is that both parties involved are MFTL. Let's say each hero on our side has to contend with 100,000,000 to one like in your scenario. You could break the 6 paths of pains down in 6 parts dealing with Saitama: 25,000,000 of the Animal paths utilizes Kuchiyose no jutsu while Rinne Sharingan is active with MUI:

Assuming the animal path is using 1 summon a piece that's still 25,000,000 summons. Along with the Animal paths themselves.

Now 25,000,000 of the Naraka Paths utilize their healing abilities while the Rinne sharingan and MUI are active just in case Saitama destroys quite a few of them:

They would be moving much faster than this thanks to the Rinne Sharingan and MUI.


5,000,000 of the Human paths are utilizing Rinne Sharingan and MUI while waiting for an opening to yank the soul out of Saitama:

Through the Human Path corpse.


15,000,000 of the Asura Path are utilizing their military warfare while Rinne Sharingan and MUI is active:

 Image result for asura path rockets

5,000,000 of the Preta paths are utilizing Rinne Sharigan and MUI while protecting the other paths from harm using the barriers:

Related image

25,000,000 of the Deva Path are utilizing Universal pull and kamui 1 sec apart from each other every 5 seconds while using Rinne Sharingan and MUI:


Keep in mind all of them have 9000x times the normal chakra as well.




1 hour ago, Greeneyes said:

And If I was to be in it I would like saitamas powers.

Your a riot. Why did i figure you'd say this?🤣

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