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Please help me find anime for my sister for Christmas!


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TL;DR: My sister likes Naruto, SAO, Shokudeni no Soma, Hotarubi no mori e, and also Pokémon GO and Zelda. What, possibly Christmas-themed anime would you reccommend to her as gift? 

Hello everyone!

I'm not an anime watcher. Not like my sister, who is pretty much into them... so I decided that, for Christmas, I'll collect some really good (possibly Christmas-themed) episodes for her on a DVD.

I know that she's into Naruto and SAO, and she also really liked Shokudeni no Soma and Hotarubi no mori e. She's a huge Pokemon GO and Zelda fan too. And she also likes those less serious, more cute-and-fun types of anime. There are others, but I don't know their name.

Problem is, I have zero experience with this genre! The closest thing I did to watching anime was watching Avatar, but that's it. And I don't quite know what she'd like... I need your help. My original idea way to find some Christmas specials for these series, but as a complete layman I couldn't find them, if there are any. I'd also like to include some full-length films, but there I have problems too. I found some online lists about Christmas themed anime, and I did hear some good things about 

  • White Album 2, and
  • 5 centimeters per second

and some others, but I don't know these as well, so IDK...

What do you think? What anime would my sister like? 

The best would be, from top to bottom:

  1. Christmas specials for the series I mentioned,
  2. Full-length films related to Christmas somehow, or just
  3. Any film you think she would like.

I thank for your help in advance. Let's make her Christmas as happy as we can :)

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Unfortunately I'm not aware of any Christmas specials or movies for the series you listed. One possibility would be Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts in Ice which has a winter themed fantasy romance story which you hopefully should be able to find at a Best Buy, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, etc. which is a plus if you want to give it to her Christmas (tomorrow).

https://myanimelist.net/anime/997/Bishoujo_Senshi_Sailor_Moon_S__Kaguya_Hime_no_Koibito?q=sailor moon s the movie

Some other folks here might be able to come up with other suggestions, but that's the best I can come up with. Best of luck  & Merry Christmas to you and your sister.

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So for films in general, I think, the anime christmas movie is Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers! So if you wont to include a movie, definitely this one, IMO.

There's Itsudatte My Santa - a two parter - but I can't remember how it was, (seen it a long time ago) but I think it's pretty decent and on the funny side.

Maybe not necessarily a christmas anime but a winter love story is Winter Sonata. It's an amazing  story, but also very mature one and if you want something lighthearted, don't go for this one. Also, it was originally in Korean with Jap. subs - I don't know if a japanese audio exists but since you probably go for english subs, the dub language doesn't matter either way.

Another amazing movie (and my personal favorite anime movie!) is Ame and Yuki. Its funny, wholesome at times, but also features dramatic scenes with well written characters and a fitting OST.

If she likes SAO, she probably has seen the movie?- otherwise include the SAO Ordinal Scale movie. Can´t say much about since I'm not a SAO fan, but fans apparently like it.


For episodes:

I remember that Hetalia Axis Powers hat a funny chirstmas special (ep 31). Hetalia in general is a funny comedy anime which just plays of stereotypes of countries and their people :D

Toradora ep 19 and K-On ep 7 are the only other two that I remember. Oh, and there is the Love on the Ski Slope on Christmas Eve special for Detective Conan, (or rather the Magic Kaito specials)


Sorry, I dont know that many special episodes from series, or at east don't remember many... But definitely go for Tokyo Godfathers and I definitely recommend Ame and Yuki and Love on the Ski Slope.

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Hmmm... I don't know of any exclusive "Christmas" anime - though quite a few have a Christmas-themed episode (Valentine's and summer/beach episodes are similarly popular) - but the shows you've mentioned get me thinking of shows like Log Horizon, Kamisama Kiss, Natsume's Book of Friends, Toradora, etc.  Ghibli movies like Totoro, Whispers of the Heart, Spirited Away, or Kiki's Delivery Service aren't "christmassy" in and of themselves, but they're feel-good movies that might work with the Christmas vibe.  Just throwing out ideas.  Hope this helps!

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In terms of Christmas anime, The movie Tokyo Godfathers is probably your best bet. It's about three homeless men who find an abandoned baby on Christmas eve and have to find its parents. It's actually based on the same story as Ice Age, the Pixar movie, and plays out similarly.

White Album 2 is indeed a good call. Do note that you do not also need to get White Album 1. The only link between them is that they are set in the same school, other than that they may as well be completely different series. White album 1 is also no where near as good.

Amagami SS is a decent Christmas anime if you can find it. It's basically six short romance stories set just before Christmas.

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Log Horizon does have a winter festival/Christmas in season 2 as efaardvark said. It is a good series regardless. 


You waited pretty late to collect them...I'll be surprised if you can find enough to fill a DVD, but good luck anyways :) perhaps Father Time will help you out there....

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