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The Boruto Anime Sukcs Discussion (Clean)


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(the first part of this thread helps my main point, skip to the boruto section below if you just want the main point)

i started watching boruto after waiting for what felt like at least a few years for the anime to gain some traction. i'm a binge watching kind of guy. i hate doing the once a week thing. my hatred for it started with bleach when it had that long hiatus at about episode 165 or whatever it was, then naruto shippuden with its legendarily long filler sagas. it was traumatic dealing with it as a teenager. literally when the war arc in shippuden began i was probably like 16 years old. i remember my old (pal?) hyping up the manga telling me "man naruto is so strong now he learned to control the kyuubi chakra. he's all golden now. he can make a rasengan bigger than the entire planet!!!". i'm almost 24 years old now and they are still dubbing the same damn arc.

i started rewatching shippuden from the time sassy boy infiltrates the 5 kage summit about a month ago. thanks GOODNESS it's 2019 (2018 at the time) and episode filler lists exist. i began to experience feelings i don't remember feeling because i was too busy hating the previous filler arc and dreading the next one while trying to enjoy the show as it was airing. i was reading the manga at the time too so perhaps the anime felt a bit redundant. also the manga can't always portray scenes with the same depth as animation can.

the battle between sasuke and danzo was a bit slow sometimes, but if you really dive deep into it it's super deep man. especially closer to the ending when danzo is recalling his past and rambling about the way of a shinobi. it's so deep it's depressing. then he just seals himself away in attempts to service the greater good of the shinobi world. my gosh man. that is how you make a battle.

the battle between konan and tobitodara was deep too. actually before i continue i just want to point out that i was one of the first people to make the connection that tobi was actually obito. literally all i had to do was look at the mask and the one eye and think about the name "tobi" carefully. that was it. it made so much sense. right after making the connection i googled "tobi obito" and there was like one picture on google that implied the same connection. anyways yeah, at this point we are pretty much aware of the history konan has with her friends and jiraya. konan is the last of the trio and it's her opportunity to make a grand stand, the war is about to begin, obito has arrived to claim the rinnegan. the stakes could not be higher. then she parts the damn ocean and a sea of paper bombs appear. that's legendary. then as she is dying the scene flows back to their old training house and the blood stained paper lands on the thing to symbolize the four of them returning to each other. the scene is all old and nostalgic looking. that's deep. that's how you make a battle.

the battle between mifune (the samurai guy) and hanzo. so these guys apparently met each other in battle back when hanzo was alive, and not as much of a douche i guess? this flashback was one of few flashbacks in the entire series that was very significant to current events. this flashback showed us the mind and soul of both of these individuals. i can't remember the battle 100% but i'm pretty sure it turned out to be a talk no jutsu battle? i personally wouldn't have it any other way. mifune talk no jutsu is better than naruto's. what really made this battle deep is the flashback. the setting in the flashback as well as the dialogue. it made it all very deep and sentimental. that's how you make a battle.

there are of course other battles that make a great impact, but let's just move on from there.

oh man. don't even get me started on some of the opening themes during the war arc. some of them are SOOOOO hype. mmm yeah. okay i'll go ahead and talk about two of em (no subtitles unfortunately)

this opening is HYPE! while i rewatched this arc the other day, realizing how well the scenes in the opening correlate to the current events in the anime, i was surprised. it's well thought out and well made. it gets you pumped up for the action, unless there's a massive filler arc in the middle of it. my gosh. one thing this opening reminds is that we never got the see the battle that EVERYONE wanted to see. i'm pretty sure we all know what battle i'm talking about, so i won't bother getting into that. oh well.

anyways, these episodes had some of the best consecutively good moments in the show. kakashi and guy (gai?) showing up to help naruto was obviously impossible and should not have happened since they were on the front lines with the rest of the army, but somehow it took the rest of the army like 20 more episodes before they arrived. even so, having kakashi and guy join that battle was lit. and that moment when kurama gave naruto access to all of his chakra. that scene alone crushes anything that happens in the boruto series (aside from things involving characters from shippden). this power up is epic. funny enough, the scenes in this video will also help a lot when i am explaining my main point later on.



boom. this next opening is absolutely thrilling. watching it gets me so pumped up that i feel like engaging in a hand to hand duel (exaggeration). it gets my blood and adrenaline crashing through my body so hard that i can just jump through the ceiling. THAT'S the kind of impact a fighting anime opening needs to have on the viewer. THIS is how you do it. i don't know, maybe i'm just a bit too picky since these two openings are pretty much the only openings in shippuden that i like more than just a little bit.

man. one of my favorite things about this opening is the symbolism. the way it portrays the events that will play out in the show. it is so well thought out and so well made. of course it couldn't be done without this kind of music. try muting the audio and then play the visuals over some ambient love song or whatever. it just doesn't work. you need to know what you're doing when you are making an opening for the series, and the people who made the 14th and 15th openings for shippuden knew what the heck they were doing, or they just lucked out. i'm sure you guys pretty much understand the foundation i'm trying to set for my boruto opinion by now.

fillers suck, hiatus sukcs, long arcs suck, etc. naruto shippuden has some deep battles and epic openings. more about naruto shippuden.

Why The Boruto Anime Sukcs:

do you see the wall of text and videos above this? most of that is about naruto shippuden. i've pretty much been winging this thread so far, so i had no idea i was going to talk about naruto shippuden when i came here. so an important question to ponder is why i started talking about naruto shippuden in a thread discussion about why the boruto anime sukcs. my favorite answer is that the main reason the boruto anime sukcs is because of the existence of naruto shippuden. this might seem a bit paradoxical to some since the only reason boruto exists is because of the naruto series, and the boruto series is essentially supposed to be a completely separate deal from the naruto series, while also being a continuation of the series, and feeding off of the same fan base.

the main problem is that people just can't help but compare boruto to naruto shippuden. i mean they take place in the same universe. there's like a 15 year gap or whatever. literally the same characters you see in shippuden, you see in boruto. they made it impossible not to compare the two. so in naruto shippuden recently where the characters have reached the point where they are throwing planets, stars, and gods at each other in combat. now when you start boruto we have some brats throwing light punches.... who is going to take this seriously? i mean, the show tries to be serious. when it's not trying to be serious it's boring as hell. when it is trying to be serious it's still boring because the action doesn't even come close to the shadow of the shippuden series. yes, let's watch kakashi use 5% of his combat ability to play fight with a bunch of kids. that's what naruto fans want to see. no one liked watching moons fall from the sky and mountains getting torn apart in battles that decided the fate of the world (sarcasm).

i mean.... they literally start the series by spoiling the next 7-15 arcs in that foreshadowing scene. we see boruto alive and well, it is implied that the seventh hokage naruto was killed by this guy, boruto's eye is something and he's obviously wearing sasuke's headband thing, and the leaf village looks pretty damaged. so anyone with at least decent deductive reasoning automatically has at least 5 major things spoiled for them for the next 400-500 episodes. that's like 10 years. why would they do this? was it in the manga? if so then why would the writer do this.... for the manga it's not as bad since it's often easier to make the pacing in a manga better, but when you expect an anime adaptation you just don't do this man.....

who else thinks kawaki is iwabe? i'm not sure at all but i had an itch about it. i'm usually right so yeah.

and then episode 16 comes. it is the first filler. my first stroke. why is there a filler in this series? why is there more than one filler episode in this series? i will tell you why. it's because they are rushing another series lol. when the series gets too close to catching up with the manga they really only have 4 choices. they either drop the anime, put it on hiatus, get the script from the writer and botch an interpretation, or never ending fillers. i know there's a lot more to it when it comes to making an anime, but still. if they did not start animating boruto until now then things would be much different; much better. i mean just look at this. there are only a few episodes that are entirely canon. everything else is mostly canon or filler. don't give me the "it is actually canon even though it says filler" crap. if i had my way with this series it would be nothing but canon from start to finish. less than 70 episodes in we would reach the point that is foreshadowed at the start of the series.

you know how this series should have been? fine, keep the stupid foreshadowing. now let's have one episode showing naruto and hinata enjoying their time together, and then their kids come into play. then episode 2 naruto becomes the hokage and everything changes. by episode 5 we skip ahead to after boruto's class graduates from the academy to see how things are going for a few episodes. i guess we can have the hidden mist village arc, but make it actually good this time. now let's jump into the chunin exams following hidden mist arc. make it good. if the final exam is going to be ruined you need to make the exam actually mean something to the viewer. episode 30: naruto and sasuke vs momoshiki. episode 31-60: i guess we could have some random general stuff happening. apparently there is an arc in the manga involving some guy in a mask. i'm assuming that occurs before the foreshadowed events at the start of the anime. that can happen after the chunin exams arc. after that we have boruto trained to use his eye over a two year period or whatever. episode 70 tops, boruto is confronting kawaki in the foreshadowed events that happened at the start.
that's how you lay out a show. do you know what is going to happen instead? NewTube video upload september 30 2023: episode 500 boruto vs kawaki. until then it's like 40 more canon episodes.

the fighting? HA. i've pretty much seen all of the boruto episodes (except for the recent 5 episodes or so). the only fights i can remember is the battle sarada fought against spike teeth and the battles that the shippuden characters had in the chunin exams arc. maybe the battle that sarada fought in the chunin exams was good, i can't remember it too well. the only reasons i remember the sarada battles are because she is cute af and she was using the sharingan. that's as far as my interest for the show goes after watching it. the rest of my interest lies in the shippuden characters which have nothing to do with the boruto aspect, because it's essentially shippuden over spill into boruto.

boruto sukcs because the animation studio screwed it up. in a world where naruto and shippuden do not exist, a show like boruto as it is now would likely viewed about as positively as naruto is due to the major graphics quality and art style differences. after naruto and sasuke vs momoshiki it would be viewed much more positively than naruto, but only because a world like that does not have naruto. it doesn't even come close to shippuden, well except for sasuke and naruto vs momoshiki. it doesn't even do its own thing. it can't do it's own thing because it's becoming pretty much entirely fillers. at least with the naruto series they had the decency to wait until the canon stuff was over before the long filler arc. naruto shippuden was so good that many viewers could look beyond the fillers even after the hellish 5+ month filler arcs. but fillers in boruto? i can't do it man. the show is just too boring for me to be interested at all in dealing with 30-50 filler episodes after each mediocre arc.

i'm pretty sure the openings in boruto are boring as well. i'm usually the kind of guy who tries to watch the opening because a good opening song to me is probably like what a snack is to some animals. if the opening is boring i just skip it and forget it. i think i recall actually going through one of the boruto openings a couple of times and it was kinda good, but i can barely remember it at all so maybe it wasn't all that.

oh gosh the music. music in a naruto based series is supposed to be a staple. just from hearing the music or style of music, people would know it's from a naruto series. the music in boruto is atrocious. like.... i'm pretty sure they acquired a new OST (that's original soundtrack) during the chunin exams arc. i don't remember ever hearing it before that arc, and i think it plays for the first time towards the end of the arc but i could be wrong. it sounds nice, but as soon as they got this track they started using it in every single episode. sometimes multiple times per episode. why?

as i said before, pretty much the only thing i like about the boruto series aside from the shippuden characters is sarada and that's only because she is a cutie. heck i can make entire thread about my affections for sarada, and i might do that very soon. i guess the uchiha clan is redeemed. finally an entire uchiha generation is born without inheriting hatred from their predecessors, with no chance of attaining the eternal mangekyou, and not a war mongering lunatic, and no need to suffer a cruel fate for the village. if you're "that" kind of viewer then i guess you could say she has a pretty good chance of attaining the rinnegan. she could easily meet the requirements, but i guess that's a topic for a different kind of thread. even if she gets the rinnegan it wouldn't turn her into a psycopath like the sharingan stages usually imply, so it doesn't matter anyways.


fillers suck, boring fights, the way the story is portrayed in the anime is mediocre, the characters are boring, the fighting animation is garbage more than half of the time. literally i can only recall about 5 battles where the fighting animation was decent. the openings are boring, the other music is bad too, kawaki is probably iwabe. the show is pretty much stuck in shippuden's shadow and that shadow is like a death sentence.

and sarada is bae.


what do you think of my analysis and opinions? what do you think of the boruto series?


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I personally liked Naruto, and Naruto Shippuden, but from what I have heard about Bouruto as well as what I seen in termss of screen shots I am not impressed. As it is Shippuden is for the most part to mainstream for me, but its alright once in a while. Though I have no plans to get into Boruto.

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I think its never a good idea for a series to go from kids, to adults, then back to kids again. You think people would learn from dragon ball GT, and how that didn't work also.  They should have just made a whole new group of ninjas, instead of using Narutos son, and sasukes daughter.    The problem also is that the characters in naruto shippuden are older, so you get used to having older characters. Then you want to go back to kids again; that would kind of turn away a lot of people.  

When people can just watch something else like My hero academia. 

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Think anything Naruto (Son or otherwise) sucks. Honestly, such a ridiculous sell out anime that it isn't even funny. I started the anime, liked the anime (Naruto) but then Shippuden killed it all for me. Was like a serial killer just came creeping in slaughtering all the good vibes and burying them in shallow graves in some abandoned field. Then the creator decided it would be a good idea to continue his story by telling the story of his son...whom lets face it, nobody cares about in the first place. Oh, and don't get me started on the characters...that's a rant for a different thread. Anyway, Boruto Sucks +1...btw since I joined the club when do I get my jacket and patch?!? 🤣

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