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What Youtube-Channels do you watch

Illusion of Terra

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I usually just watch documentaries on YouTube.

Advexon TV
Best Documentaries
Channel History
Space and the Universe HD
History and Cosmos
Lina Grace
Real Stories
Time Line - World History
Serial Killer Documentaries
369 Documentaries
Dark Documentaries
Reel Truth Documentaries
These are the ones I check the most and sub to.

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Alexandr Misko , for inspiration and enjoyment. As far as acoustic guitars go.

Bernadette Banner , she's a wonderful source if you're interested in recreating historical clothing, enjoy the work process or simply watch for fun. Bernadette's personality is absolutely entertaining! 💕

Bobby Duke Arts , creates a lot of artistic projects with the mentality of a mad scientist. Very inspirational fella! The humor found here keeps me coming back. 👍

Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ , I like following some of his baking instructions and recipes.

Jono Dry , is a massive reason why I'm still on YouTube. His skillset in pencil drawings and hyper realistic pieces are astonishing. The channel is also very informative on a range of techniques, tools, canvases, habits and mental affiliations—such as staying focused and managing better health practices.

Here's one of his videos if you're curious. I think his channel can help a lot of people, even in general creativity.


Here is some coverage on tools and tips that some might find useful.


And advice for those struggling with easy distraction, focus issues or ADHD.



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i dont really watch a lot of youtube channels, but i watch Good Mythical Morning and Markiplier as comfort binge watches.

i was never really a fan of markiplier, but then i got sick and thats what i ended up binge watching while i was stuck in bed for a few weeks. i always thought he was kinda cringy, but now that ive gotten used to his obnoxiousness, hes actually really sweet. watching him play with his friends bob and wade really crack me up.

(also i love brave wilderness too, i watch that sometimes. and someone mentioned kizuna ai, she is really funny. she has a gaming channel too)

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I try to keep away from youtube. I haven't used my account for about 7 years!!! Wow!! I decided to log on again since I have so much time now since this quarantine situation.... and the first thing that popped up were the popular stuff, which I then scrolled down to my recommended  videos, and I saw a music video that hit me so hard because of this isolation I am facing. In the video, they went to an empty mall - and just seeing that made me cry because that's how malls look like now... malls were my favorite places to go... but the video left me with a good feeling at the end. The song's not about being quarantined because it was made like 4 or 5 years ago. Shortly afterwards, I subbed and I have just been watching their music videos, and binge watching all of their vids. sooo the youtube channel I am watching is:


Ghost of a Midnight Driver   -  The music video that made me cry!! 

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I wanted to just add my 2 cents about malls.
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I'll add three more which all happen to be rather entertaining and educational.

Crash Course has a lot of great introductions to different topics such as psychology, biology, history of science, philosophy, world history, us history, european history. just have a look at the playlist section. I think they present the content really well. sometimes it is a bit simplified and one sided but still presenting complex topics in about ten minutes in such an entertaining way is great. The history and philosophy courses at least can also be just listened to while doing something else and don't necessarily need the visuals.

Smarter Every Day is hosted by an engineer who just likes to explore different topics. being an engineer, he has a quite specific approach and viewpoint on things but generally I think he offers some interesting insights on a wider variety of topics.

Kurzgesagt does a great job of really putting things in a nutshell while doing some great research and animations. Personally I really like that they also include rather random videos every now and then.

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Hmmmm. I don’t really watch any anime in general  YouTubers, but i watch this dude, a pokétuber: Patterrz

I watch gaming, too: Kindly Keyin  Graystillplays  BuzzFeed Multiplayer

and occasionally some animators: Tabbes  LavenderTowne  TheOdd1sOut  Jaiden Animations

more often, though, I watch this awesome lady do crafty stuff: Moriah Elizabeth


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I'm watching a couple of YouTube channels like Vinesauce (Mostly Vinny and Joel), Woolie Versus, A Jolly Wang Core, Your Movie Sucks, Anomaly & Papanomaly, Caddicarus, Civvie11, Colonel RPG, Comic Tropes, Funhaus, Gman Lives, and Happy Console Gamer.

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Sometimes I watch FakeGamerGirl, but that’s about the only one I actually deliberately search for. 
The rest of my YouTube browsing is typically searching up something in general and perusing through the results to find what serves my purpose the best at the time. 

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I posted here before but I started watching a lot more since then. I regularly watch Shadiversity, History Matters, Anton Petrov, PBS Eons and Space Time. I also watch a guy called tjwparso who uploads short clips from old Star Trek episodes. There was account that did the same with old Sailor Moon clips, but seems whoever owns the distribution rights went to town on them and got them removed for copyright sadly.

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10 hours ago, efaardvark said:

My mom is really into that too.

Your mom sounds like an interesting person :D

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I've got "Project B.E.A.S.T." going in the background while I do some household paperwork & bill paying.  No time to actually play games these days but BEAST is an old Kerbal Space Program series and basically a very good tutorial on how NOT to play the game.  We were all there once.  :D  Entertaining for KSP addicts like me.



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Anyone ever played Distant Worlds Universe? I play it occasionally if I have a lot of free time (it's a very time consuming game). Kind of like a space version of Civlisation.

Edit: Sorry, posted this to the wrong thread, was meant for 'Gaming Chat'.

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